What are the STI test options in El Mirage,AZ?

In 2006 there were 70 cases of early syphilis in women, and 258 cases in men in Maricopa County where El Mirage, AZ is located. These rates rose the next year to 99 in women and 348 in men but then started to fall. However, following the lowest recorded number of cases in 2012 when there were 29 female cases of early syphilis and 254 male cases, 271 cases of early syphilis were recorded in 2018 affecting women and 1,154 cases were recorded affecting men.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea cases have also risen dramatically since 1999 when 7,660 cases of chlamydia were reported and 3,557 cases of gonorrhea, which rose to 26,527 and 8,902 respectively in 2018. While more women are affected by chlamydia, more men are affected by gonorrhea.

HIV prevalence is also collected by the state for the county and 8,601 cases were recorded in 2007 and 12,498 cases were recorded in 2017.

“35,859 STDs were reported in Maricopa County in 2017, which is an incline from 31,721 cases in 2016. New cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis increased by double-digits the previous year. However, new HIV diagnoses went down in number from 474 in 2016 to  419 in 2017, coming down from its two-decade peak.”

STD testing services in El Mirage, AZ can be found at PlushCare, at the El Mirage Family Health Center or at Adelante Healthcare in Surprise, AZ.

There is also an Adelante Healthcare based in Peoria, both locations are around five miles from El Mirage, AZ.

Low cost and free STD testing may be available but wait times can be long and may be dependent on income and welfare eligibility.

Which one is right for you?