What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in North Augusta,SC?

North Augusta, has also been affected by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), like many other cities in South Carolina. Data from the STD/HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report in 2017 revealed that the cases of chlamydia in both Aiken and Edgefield Counties rose between 2016 and 2017 by 23%.

In 2016, Aiken and Edgefield Counties had 873 and 141 chlamydia incidences respectively. In 2017, the STD had 913 and 157 diagnoses in Aiken and Edgefield counties respectively.

According to the same report, gonorrhea rates also showed an upward trend. In 2015, they were 316 in Aiken County. In 2016 the increased to 370 in the county and spiked to 424 in 2017. For Edgefield County, 38 gonorrhea incidences were reported in 2015. The number increased to 45 in 2016, and hit 71 in 2017.

Fact Forward is a campaign in South Carolina that researches on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and effective ways to prevent their spread. It has been educating the residents of Aiken and Edgefield on how to avoid contracting STDs,

If you want to get testing services for various STDs in North Augusta, you can go to the Aiken County Health Department. Another facility that you can visit is the Edgefield County Health Department. The Planned Parenthood – Columbia Health Center is also a great choice.

Some nearby health centers may offer residents free STD testing. However, for eligibility, you may have to meet some preset requirements. Additionally, you may have to pay to consult a doctor. Free STD testing centers may have a limited range of STD test options, and a healthcare professional may not be available to help you on your next step in case you test positive for an STD.