What are the STI test options in Soledad,CA?

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show an escalation of STDs in Soledad, CA, and Monterey County at large.

Monterey County recorded an increase in cases of Chlamydia from 1,802 cases in 2016 to 2,133 cases in 2017. Gonorrhea cases stood at 413 up from 344 during the same duration.

Syphilis rate was at 70 previously at 44.

Surprisingly, black women between the ages of 15 and 19 recorded the highest number of chlamydia than the white women of the same age.

HIV/AIDS rate has been on the increase since 1983; currently, there are 616 people diagnosed with the disease.

Monterey County Department of Health is in the front line in STDs prevention and control. They are using programs like Syringe Exchange Program, to control HIV from spreading amongst intravenous drug users.

The Soledad health department has a campus program that helps to educate the youth on safe sex practices.

Additionally, the Monterey County Department of Public Health and other local health centers in Soledad, CA, have established affordable clinics where people may be screened, tested, and treated.

When in Soledad, CA you may visit Soledad Medical Clinic, which is along Soledad Main Street. You may also get cheap STD testing services at CLinica de Salud-Castroville, which is located in Castroville along Merrit street.  

alternatively, you may also consider to visit free STD testing clinics in Soledad, CA.

The downside of these clinics are that they have limited locations and inconsistency in opening hours. This makes it hard to walk-in any time you may like.