What are the STI test options in Lakewood,NJ?

The number of HIV infections among Lakewood residents has been fluctuating over the years. Before 1990, there were 5 recorded cases of persons living with HIV infections, but in 2017, the number slightly increased to 7. Most HIV infections were in the male population, forming 32 percent of the total infections.

There was a decrease in Chlamydia infections as reported from 2015 to 2016 that recorded 175 cases to 169 cases respectively.

Gonorrhea infections increased from 14 cases in 2015 to 28 cases in the year 2016. The rates of infections were higher in the male population.

Syphilis infections, however, in Lakewood Township were at an all-time low. In both 2015 and 2016, there were less than 10 Syphilis cases reported by the Ocean County Department of Health.

The Ocean County Department of Health has coordinating prevention and treatment of STDs/HIV by developing treatment materials for patients, supporting opportunities to integrate HIV/STD diagnosis, and treatment into primary care. It has also promoted  prison health services, oral substitution-drug therapy initiatives, and HIV health facilities. Furthermore, the department is using social media and social network strategies to engage persons at risk.

The following are some of the medical centers are available to residents seeking STD/HIV services; Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, Monmouth Medical Center, and Southern Campus,

Additionally, there are some more available options like OHI Lakewood Health Center and Family Planning Center of Ocean County, Inc.

Free STD/HIV testing may be offered in some facilities but may be dependent on income and welfare eligibility requirements that might be difficult to meet. Additionally, most of the free tests are not comprehensive.

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