What are the STI test options in Turlock,CA?

Scenic Turlock, smack dab in the heart of The Golden State’s enormous Central Valley. California’s most productive agricultural region, and genesis of countless cultural icons. It shares Stanislaus County with sunny Modesto, but its proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area means it shares in many of the same difficulties.

This stunning, fertile valley suffers from vicious STD and STI transmission rates. Since 2013 there has been a 45% increase in diagnosis of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). That is a leap of more than 300,000 new infections in that time. Worse still, in 2017 alone there were more that 30 stillbirths attributed to congenital syphilis in California. The highest it has been in nearly a quarter of a century.

Doctors in Stanislaus county are concerned that not enough of the public is being regularly tested, furthering the spread of virulent disease.

Options in prevention, detection, and treatment for the people of Turlock are available. Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center on Regis street, Health Service Agency – Turlock Medical Office on Delbon avenue, and more. All in between Monte Vista and Main Street off the 99. If you’re a student at California State University, Stanislaus pay attention to campus calendars for local events about sexual health and STI prevention methods.

Free or affordable screening may be available at some clinics. Particularly around April, which is sexually transmitted disease awareness month. Locations often offer same day testing and can provide results in as little as 1-2 days.

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STD Statistics In Stanislaus County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Stanislaus County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Stanislaus County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Turlock, CA

The city has overseen a rapid increase in STDs over the last ten years. The most common types of STDs in the city are Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV/AIDS. With the growth of technology, human interactions have been eased and this has facilitated the growth of STDs. According to a 2015 research, the rates of Chlamydia, syphilis and Gonorrhea increased by 12% in California State and 4% increase in Stanislaus County.

Chlamydia infections have been the highest in the county from 2013 to 2015. The number of reported Chlamydia cases were as below     


Number of Chlamydia cases







As seen above, the number of reported cases have been increasing over the last three years since 2013. From the number reported in 2015, the breakdown in terms of sex was as below,

  • Females  1,892
  • Males      658
  • Undeclared 2

Out of the total reported cases, most of the cases were people within the age of 15-29 years of age. This is the most sexually active age.

Gonorrhea is the second most prevalent type of STD in the county. In 2015 it had a total number of 761 reported cases. Out of the total cases 444 cases were males while females accounted for 317 cases. The number of Gonorrhea cases had slightly decreased in 2015 compared to 2014. However, in 2013 the reported cases of Gonorrhea were higher than in 2014.

Syphilis was the third in number of infections. In 2015 there were 68 reported cases in STanislaus County. Males had the most number of infections with 51 cases while females had 17 cases. The most cases were for men who had sex with men. In terms of race the African Americans dominated the number of infections among the three types of STDs.

The age between 15-24 years, recorded the most chlamydia and Gonorrhea cases with 63 and 51 percent respectively out of the total reported cases. Men who have sex with men accounted for 84 and 62 percent of Syphilis and Gonorrhea infections respectively.

Graph of chlamydia rates in turlock california from 2015

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center


Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center is a community outreach center that educates and empowers individuals to make informed parenting decisions. It responds to the needs of women faced with unintended or unplanned pregnancies and encouraging them to make informed decisions. The clinic’s physicians provide evidence-based education on abortion, parenting, and adoption as well as comprehensive STD and pregnant testing services.


Patients are not denied STD services due to their gender, age, sex, color, or income levels. Insured individuals may be eligible for STD services under the clinic’s insurance policy program, and discounted rates may be offered to uninsured clients.


The clinic requires you to book an appointment, and walk-ins may not be turned away. Clients with positive STI results may receive antibiotics to clear Infections such as Syphilis and Chlamydia. Vaccines may also be administered as a preventative measure.


The women’s health clinic is a commendable health care facility providing patient-centered services to guide women in making the right decisions during pregnancy. It also provides classroom presentations on STDs, fetal development, and healthy sexual relationships.


134 Regis St, Turlock, CA, 95382



FPA Women's Health


FPA Women’s Health is a reproductive health center founded in 1969 to help Turlock city residents access quality family planning services. The facility has skilled physicians providing comprehensive services in pregnancy testing, abortion procedures, birth control, and sterilization. It also provides gynecological services, including confidential STD screening and treatment services.


All persons may be eligible for STD services despite their gender, color, race, age, or ethnical background. Uninsured personas may qualify for state-funded aid program, which provides free medical services, and insured patients may also qualify for STD services.


Booking an appointment for STD services is recommended, and treatment options may vary depending on the intensity of infections. Oral antibiotics may be used for mild infections while injectable antibiotics may be used for acute infections.


FPA Women’s Health provides quality family planning services to persons in need of their services. It also provides B12 Shots for weight loss management, cervical cancer screenings, and Spanish interpretational services.


2030 Coffee Rd 1, Modesto, CA, 95355



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Modesto Health Center


Modesto Health Center offers a wide range of reproductive and general health services including pregnancy testing and options, birth control, cancer screenings, and pediatrics. It provides patients with sexual education to help the community achieve healthy sexual relationships. The clinic also has a team of certified doctors entrusted to deliver confidential STD services.


The health center offers STD services without color, sex, age, gender, or income level requirements. Most of the medical services offered may be covered by insurance plans. Therefore, insured patients are eligible for STD services, and uninsured individuals may benefit from its sliding fee scale programs.


Planned Parenthood of Modesto Health Center recommends patients to book an appointment. Some of the treatment plans offered by the facility may include antibiotics to treat bacterial infections and antivirals for viral infections. Additionally, vaccines may also be administered to prevent incurable STIs.


The Planned Parenthood facility provides quality sexual health services, and it’s equipped with quality laboratory equipment for comprehensive STD testing. Abortion services and morning-after pills are also offered to eligible clients, and LGBTQ patients may receive specialized medical services.


1431 McHenry Ave Suite 100, Modesto, CA, 95350



City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Turlock,CA

Stanislaus County Health Services Agency


Stanislaus County Health Services Agency provides health care services to the community through its network of qualified health workers, outpatient clinics, indigent health care programs, public health services, and a family medicine residency program. The public department also has an STD/HIV clinic that works towards preventing and controlling the spread of STIs through confidential STD tests and treatment services.


The health department provides STD services to people of all ages, races, and ethnical backgrounds. It also accepts major insurance plans and forms of payments for both insured and uninsured clients.


Limited walk-ins may be seen depending on a failed appointment. However, booking an appointment is recommended. Medications may involve curative drugs and prevention measures.


The Public Health Department of Stanislaus County provides comprehensive health care services to ensure its residents are in good health. It also provides health outreach programs aimed at equipping its residents with sufficient information to prevent diseases.


830 Scenic Dr, Modesto, CA, 95353



Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Sutter Urgent Care - Turlock


Sutter Urgent Care – Turlock is a walk-in clinic that works towards delivering quality and accessible health care services. The facility ‘s medical practitioners treat patients with compassion and respect, and some of the medical services offered by the clinic include pediatric care, urology, plastic surgery, and confidential STD services.


Sutter Urgent Care respects the diversity of all persons, including young or old, black or white, rich or poor. The facility is also a member of major public and private insurance companies. Therefore, insured patients may be eligible for STD services. A sliding fee scale may also be provided to uninsured clients.


You may drop-in and request STD services or schedule an appointment. Curative drugs such as antibiotics may be available, and patients at risk of HPV and Hepatitis may be vaccinated.


The urgent care clinic has convenient working hours. Therefore, STD services are available anytime during working hours, and it also provides free parking for its clients.


100 W Christoffersen Pkwy, Turlock, CA, 95382



Express Lane Urgent Care


Express Lane Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic with experienced medical professionals dedicated to providing quality services in a friendly and compassionate environment. The clinic is committed to quick and efficient services allowing patients to resume their normal daily lives. Besides offering emergency care needs, it also provides smooth STD services.


All individuals are treated equally regardless of their color, sex, gender, age, or income levels. Major insurance plans are accepted. Therefore, insured clients may be eligible for STD services.


Services are offered on a walk-in basis, and appointments are also considered. Treatment may involve antibiotics, antivirals, and vaccines to cure the infections, and you may call a doctor for any STD issues.


The urgent care is open seven days a week to accommodate individuals with busy schedules. It’s also conveniently located near major pathways and bus stops, hence easily accessible by the city residents.


711 E Hawkeye Ave 3, Turlock, CA, 95380



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Turlock, CA

With one of the most worrisome STD statistics in Stanislaus County, Turlock city’s Health community has a workload of mitigating the STD menace. With a daily increase in the vulnerability of youths getting infected, the County Health Department has to look for ways to educate the locals and mostly the youth on the dangers of unprotected sex. The CDC along with the County’s and State’s Health Department have joined hands to sensitize the locals on the possible and manageable methods for preventing the spread of STDs within the city.

Most statistics have shown that decreased use of condoms and lack of regular testing due to lack of testing resources and knowledge are some of the most prevalent means many have been infected.

Both Middle and High School students from 7th to 12th grade in Stanislaus County are taught comprehensive sex education. This combines abstinence only, contraception use, refusal and communication skills, health relationships, social development, decision making, prevention methods among other attributes. Comprehensive sexual education helps the youth know about themselves, their rights in relationships and help prevent STDs.

With a provision from the State to allow parents to opt out their children from comprehensive sex classes, the system has not yet been fully integrated in schools in the county. Universities and colleges have adopted comprehensive sexual education. This has enlightened most of the youth on the need for STD testing and prevention. The California Health Youth Act allows parents to supervise their kids during sex classes.

Outreach programs and non governmental organisations have also chipped in to help fight the escalating STD infection rates in the city. Most of these organizations teach contraceptive use and prevention methods like the use of condoms to the locals. All these policies are targeted at reducing the number of infections in the city within the shortest time possible.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Turlock, CA

Demographics is another factor that has facilitated the growth of STDs in Stanislaus County. With the population large population in the city and limited STD testing resources, the increase in STD infection has been inevitable. Also being one of the economically stable city in the County, many people have migrated to the city and the influx of people makes it hard for the Health Community to have a concrete plan on the wanted means addressing the STD issue.

The State has been also dealt a blow in the fight against the spread of STDs as they lack a platform of ensuring that all schools employ comprehensive sexaul education. The dwindling Center for Disease Control funding has made it hard for the auditing of schools on sex education. Parents have also been an inhibiting factor when they opt out their children from comprehensive sexual classes. This creates nonuniformity in the delivery and reaching of many youths as possible.

Being the second most largest city in the County, the city receives a substantial number of tourists from across the globe. Along with the different races in the city and the incoming tourists, the mixture of cultures and values also exacerbates the STD infection rate in the city.

The increased use of technology and social media platforms also plays a great role in the spread of STDs. With statistics showing that a big number of middle and high school students have a mobile phone or have a daily access to TV, this makes their interaction easy and fast.

Increased drug use and abuse in the city has also necessitated the growth of STD infection. With most of the drug users being the youth, they end up turning ignorant while high or may lack the funds for the drugs and hence exchange sex for drugs.

The increasing unemployment and poverty level in the city is also worsening the state of STD infection. Most of the families who live below the average poverty level cannot afford regular STD testing. Unemployment leads to desperation and desperation drags the youth into drugs and hence the chain. Though the stats show that there limited resources for fighting STDs, outreach programs and non governmental organizations have delved in to help sensitize the locals on the need for STD testing and prevention.

STI Testing Resources in Turlock, CA

With the above worrisome statistics on the state of STD infection in the city, the County Health Department along with the State Health department and the Health Community in general have established STI testing centers across the city to mitigate the STD infection menace.

Stanislaus County Behavioral is one of the STD testing centers in the city. With various branches across the city, the facility offers free HIV/AIDS testing services along with the other STDs testing services at a lower cost. The facility offers both appointment and walk-in basis services to the locals regardless of race, ethnicity or religion. Their services are fast, reliable and confidential. Stanislaus County Health Services Agency is another public facility. It offers appointment basis STD testing services which are affordable, accurate and confidential. They also offer contraceptive use education.

Modesto Health Center Planned Parenthood is a facility within Turlock city. This facility offers confidential and accurate STD diagnosis. Equipped with different experts in different STDs, this is one of the trusted centers within the city. They accept different insurance covers and can also referrals if requested. Merced Health Center Planned Parenthood is another planned parenthood facility in the city. It offers appointment basis services which are time based and can also be send via email. They offer STD testing, treatment, management and protection procedures. They also offer contraceptive use education and dispense condoms to the locals upon request.

Turlock Urgent Care is another health facility that offers STI testing and treatment services to the locals. This is a walk-in basis facility and attends to all people regardless of race, place of origin or ethnicity. They offer fast, reliable and confidential STD testing. Express Lane Urgent Care is also an urgent care within Turlock city. It’s a walk-in basis facility that helps in testing all types of STDs. Their services are safe, accurate and fast.

Golden Valley Health Center is a private health facility within Turlock city. It has experts in all types of STDs. Their client handling modalities are exceptional. They offer both individual and family STD testing services. Their services are appointment basis. Valley Vein Health Center is another private health facility within the city. It offers accurate and confidential STD diagnosis. Their services are client friendly and are handled by experts. If you are visiting Turlock,Ca or a resident and you need STD testing, visit any of the above centers for thorough testing.

Better Sexual Health in Turlock, CA

Having been in existence for more than 150 years and with a population of more than 72, 000 people and a stable economy, Turlock city is one of the biggest cities in Stanislaus County. The city has not only developed over the years into a commerce hub has also been hardly hit by STD infection. With a staggering  over 3, 400 infections yearly in the three most common STDs Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis, measures to curb the spread of STDs have been heightened. The County Health Department has introduced comprehensive sexual education in Middle and High schools in attempt mitigate the pressure on STDs. Non governmental organisations and outreach programs have been staged to sensitize the entire population on the need for STD prevention and contraceptive use.

All these policies are being employed to nurture a great future for the city which will be STD free. STD testing centers including public and private health facilities, Urgent Care Centers and Planned Parenthood Centers have also been established to help decentralize the testing services to all locals.

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