What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Oakdale,CA?

Stanislaus County had 541 HIV cases in 2015 and an HIV prevalence rate of 132 per 100,000 people. Between 2013 and 2017, syphilis among women in the county trended upward and cases grew from twenty to over a hundred cases, which included both pregnant and non-pregnant females, as well as females with congenital syphilis. In addition, there were 2,535 diagnosed cases of chlamydia in the county in 2017.

In Stanislaus County, CA, both chlamydia and gonorrhea rates among people age 17 to 24,  rose from 1,500 to 1,999.99 cases for every 100,000 people. 

Stanislaus County, CA residents have a variety of STD testing options to choose from in the area. Residents can seek STD testing from Pathway Healthcare on South Oak Avenue. This location accepts both private and government insurance as acceptable forms of payment, in addition to cash, credit, and debit cards. 

The Oakdale Community Health Center on West H Street is another location that offers STD testing to local residents. This location has a medical staff onsite.

In addition, FPA Women’s Health is a family planning center on Coffee Road that offers STD testing. This location allows area residents to schedule appointments online. FPA also accepts a variety of different types of insurance and also provides financial assistance or no-cost STD testing to area residents who meet the eligibility requirements. Their no-cost services are available to area residents who meet the income requirements, are California residents, and have no health coverage plan.

Other locations in the area may offer free STD testing to people who qualify however the tests offered at these locations may be restricted or lack comprehensive results. In addition, some of these locations don’t offer walk-in services and others may not give area residents the choice to schedule appointments ahead of time.

Plus, medical consultation may not be available to residents who may want or need it, and medical prescriptions may not be available to people who receive positive test results.