What are the STI test options in Gilroy,CA?

The number of STD cases in Gilroy, CA have increased for the sixth year in a row. The number of cases has doubled over the past five years. Syphilis has been the disease that represents the greatest increase during this time.

Women account for the greatest increase in syphilis cases. babies born with syphilis can be born blind, be stillborn, or have other complications from the disease. if you are pregnant, it is especially important for you to get tested for you and for the safety of your baby.

Enjoy the Gilroy Garlic Festival, but be safe and know your STD status. This is especially important if you are pregnant.

Between 15-20% of all women diagnosed with syphilis were pregnant. This means that, without treatment, their babies will be born with the disease.

Public health officials in Gilroy want to find ways to bring the rates of STDs down, particularly for infants that are infected by their mothers. Their programs include building awareness, education, and providing testing services.

They are particularly focused on reducing the number of infants that are born with STDs. This means focusing on getting women who are pregnant tested early on in the pregnancy

Free STD testing is available at the Gilroy Health Department and low-cost services are available through Planned Parenthood. However, these services may have inconsistent wait times and an physician may not be on site. 

Private testing centers are also available on Wren Ave. and at No Name uno.