What are the STI test options in West Springfield,MA?

Hampden County, MA has seen a total of 3,453 people living with HIV/AIDS in the year 2018. Fifty-eight percent of those individuals were those living with HIV, or, 2,020 people. The remaining 42% were the deceased that where reported to have had HIV/AIDS.

HIV infections among men in Hampden County were highest in number for those of Hispanic/Latino origin, these made up 673 HIV infections in the year 2018. The second largest number of those reported with HIV in males that year were from those of white/non-Hispanic descent, of which there were 346 total individuals living with HIV.

Females of Hispanic/Latino origin in Hampden County, MA made up 459 reports of those living with HIV in 2018. There were also 151 infections among black/non-Hispanic women that same year, the second largest total number of infections among females.

“A total of 48 diagnoses of HIV were reported in Hampden County, MA in 2015. This at a rate of 12.1 infections per 100,000 individuals.”

All standard services are available at the Planned Parenthood in Springfield, MA, it is about one mile from West Springfield. Standard services often include STD testing and possibly other related services. They are located at suite 201 3550 Main Street, in Springfield.

The local health department in Springfield may offer STD related services, as some health departments might offer such services. The Springfield Department of Health and Human Services is about 14 minutes from West Springfield at 311 State Street in Springfield, MA.

Testing options for STD’s may be offered for free at some clinics nearby as well, although these clinics may not guarantee immediate test results. You may also not receive access to all STD services as well, such as treatment, follow-ups and prevention.

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