What are the STI test options in Key West,FL?

Key West, FL, the county seat of Monroe County, is experiencing an STD crisis. In 2008, the area had 107 new chlamydia diagnoses, and a decade later, in 2018, they reported 206 cases. 

Gonorrhea is another STD on the rise, with only 15 new infections reported in 2008, and in 2018, the number of new cases jumped to 41. 

Labs test for early and infectious syphilis. In 2008, Monroe County reported nine new early syphilis diagnoses, and in 2018, it went up to 12. Also, in 2008, there were six new infectious syphilis diagnoses. In 2018, it remained the same. 

However, the area has had two babies born with congenital syphilis between 2008 and 2018. 

State and county health officials are concerned about the STD and HIV rates that are rising throughout the popular tourist area and are asking individuals to seek regular testing to help prevent the spread of these diseases. 

There are a dozen locations in and nearby Key West that provide comprehensive STD testing, and many offer educational materials, treatment, and aftercare.

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County operates an STD clinic at the Roosevelt Sands Health Care Center on the corner of Virginia St and Simonton St in Key West. Off-street parking is available and its on a bus route.

Another option is Womankind on the corner of Eisenhower Dr and Truman Ave in Key West. 

Some clinics may offer free STD testing. These locations may ask for proof of income, and patients might experience long wait times for an appointment and results. 

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