What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Glenvar Heights,FL?

Miami-Dade County has seen a mixture of an upward and downward spiral of STD infections. In 2017, the county reported 1,141 cases of new HIV infections, which was a slight decrease from 2016 that had 1,234 cases.

In 2018, cases of Chlamydia infections were 13,395, with a prevalence rate of 477.7. That was a significant increase from the previous year that recorded 12,264 cases at a rate of 445.2. 

Gonorrhea cases saw a rise to 4,307 at a prevalence rate of 153.6 in 2018 in comparison to 2017 that had 3,538 infections at a rate of 128.4. 

Syphilis recorded 2,856 cases at a prevalence rate of 101.8 in 2018, an upward spiral from the year prior that had 2,395 infections at a rate of 86.9.

The decrease in HIV infections and increase in PREP use can be attributed to the efforts of the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of HIV/AIDS.

It strives to reduce new HIV infections in the community and ensure HIV positive residents have access to affordable medical care

The public health department works closely with the Florida Latino AIDS Advisory Group to improve the quality of services offered to the Latino community.

You can seek STD testing services at Community Health of South Florida Incorporated (West Perrine Health Center), University of Miami Health System (U Health Clinic at Walgreens), and Planned Parenthood of South East and North Florida Incorporated (Kendall Health Center).

Some facilities provide free STD testing, with the downside being the absence of the walk-in option or inconsistent wait times.