What are the STI test options in Kendale Lakes,FL?

Kendale Lakes, Florida is a city located in Miami-Dade County. It is a census designated place and a Miami suburb which according to 2000 United States Census had a population of 56,901.

The city was incorporated in early 1990’s and has since then been one of the major economic hubs for the county. With the change in technology and the migration of people from all over the world for education, business and leisure it has, over the last five years ,overseen an increase in STD infection due to increased human interaction within the city. Kendale Lake, FL boasts various tourism sites and recreational centers including Dolphin Mall, Tropical Park, Gold Coast Railroad Museum, A.D.(Doug) Barnes Park among others. The city is also an educational center with universities and colleges like Nova Southeastern University, Florida National University, Trinity International University among others.

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STD Statistics In Miami Dade County, FL



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Miami Dade County, FL. Data is normalized to accurately report Miami Dade County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Kendale Lakes, FL

With the population of the city upsurging day in day out, STD infection within the city has been a sting to the locals. The rate of infection for all STDs have been rising for the last one decade. The population of the city according to a 2016 estimate was more than 57,000. This number is expected to increase by the next United States Census.

Over the last decade, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV/AIDs have threatened the lives of the locals in Kendale Lakes. With their effects being felt throughout the nation and State, Kendale has been hard hit by these diseases.

Chlamydia is the most prevalent STD in the city. The county of Miami Dade recorded a whooping 10, 387 reported cases of Chlamydia. This rate has caused a scare among the residents with many associating the increase in STD infection with lack of sex knowledge and ignorance. The numbers have been increasing every year. The race with most infections was the African Americans followed closely by Latino Hispanics. Females account to more than 70% of the total infections within the city. The youth within the age of 14-29 years account to more than 70% of the total infections while men who have sex with other men account to more than 80% of the total males infections.  

Gonorrhea is the second most common STD within Kendale Lakes. Its infection in the early 1990s was minimal and controllable. Currently, the rate of infection is at its all time high with a 2013 research recording 2391 reported cases in Miami Dade county. Men who have sex with other men are the hardest hit by Gonorrhea amongst the infected men and account to more than half of the total infections. African Americans and Hispanics are the most infected by Gonorrhea.  The prime youth between the ages of 15-29 years, account to more than 70% of the total infections.

Syphilis is the third most prevalent STD within the city. In 2013, it recorded 413 reported cases. Resurgence of congenital syphilis which can be transferred from a pregnant mother to an unborn child caused more worry to the residents. The health status of the city and county in general has been deteriorating over the last five years with Syphilis being acute on males. Men who have sex with other men top the list of infections.

The three STDs rate per 100,000 population according to a 2016 report was:

  • Chlamydia: 447.5
  • Gonorrhea: 198
  • Syphilis: 18

Graph of gonorrhea rates in kendale lakes florida from 2015

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Kendale Lakes, FL

With the city’s health status being at its worst point ever, the health community has embarked on a mission to iron out or reduce STD infection. The state along with the nation and county have a laid platform to kick out STDs out of United States. After a keen insight and research on the spread of STDs, sex education was considered to be one of the major factors that can help in wiping out or reducing the number of infections in the city.

Abstinence only education which was introduced in early 1990s has been the only program taught in schools. The method has been criticised for lack of important details that could help the locals. The program called for abstinence till marriage. This was effective in its first days of introduction which led to decreased number of HIV/AIDs infections. With the change in time and with other forms of sex coming into play like oral sex, the method has been ineffective. The system also faltered due to its lack of alternative methods of protecting the locals against STDs. This has forced the health community to consider the introduction of abstinence plus program.

Abstinence plus system also known as comprehensive sexual education is considered the best tool for reducing infection rates. This system advocates for:

  • Abortion and unintended pregnancies
  • Relationships
  • Condom use and STD protection methods
  • Refusal habits

Comprehensive sexual education delivers factually and medically accurate information to the locals and students. The state has called for its introduction from the seventh grade. The system also calls for parent involvement and allows parents to opt out their children from the sexual classes when they feel the education is not appropriate for their kids. School boards are fully backing the adoption of the system in schools as it will equip students with accurate sex knowledge  to escape sex adventures. It will allow students to make informed choices in sex matters.

Women and youth organisations have also come together in sensitizing the locals on the need for STD testing. They also teach the public on protection aspects like the use of condoms in preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies. The organizations are also backing the introduction of comprehensive sexual education, which is viewed as the only long term solution for STDs in Kendale Lakes.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Kendale Lakes, FL

With the population of Kendale Lakes increasing steadily and the rate of STD infection also increasing, research has established several demographic factors that have greatly contributed to the increase in STDs. The city has a very different races and different religions. These religions and races have different practices and beliefs. Some of these beliefs and norms undermine the fight against STDs within the city. Also, interaction between these races and religions gives rise to new practices and norms. Most of these new practices  and norms have necessitated the increase of STD infection within the city of Kendale Lakes.

Poverty is another factor that greatly increases the vulnerability of STD infection within the city. With a staggering 13% of the population living under stringent conditions and being unable to cater for their families basic needs, it’s hard for them to cater for daily health needs. This has led to increase in the chances of STD infection. Also, lack of enough income has resulted to change in behaviour in most of the locals. These change in behaviour has made many of the locals susceptible to STD infection.

Drugs and drinking is another contributing factor to the increase in STDs within the city. More than 80% of the population take alcohol within the city while a substantial portion of the locals use drugs. This impairs their judgement and mostly when it comes to sex matters. When high most people lack self control and may indulge in unprotected sex. This has been a great set back in the fight against STDs within the city.

Unemployment is another contributing factor to the increase in STDs within Kendale Lakes. The city has an unemployment rate of 6.3 % according to  a 2017 survey. Most of the unemployed are the youth who have just left college and lack experience in the job market. Despair creeps in after unsuccessful search for job. This results in drinking and drugs for consolation. With both impairing judgement and leading to lack of self control, there exists a gap of vulnerability for the spread of STDs.

Though all the above factors pose a great challenge in the fight against the spread of STDs, outreach programs and exhibitions on protection methods have been progressive in the fight against STDs.

STI Testing Resources in Kendale Lakes, FL

With the rate of STD infection increasing day in day out and having been the trend for the last decade, the health community along with federal government have established platforms for combating the spread. One of the major incentive for reducing STD infection rates is the improvement of health facilities within the city. All health facilities ranging from public to private to Urgent Care centers and Planned parenthood centers have been improved.

Kendall Regional Medical Center is a public health center within the city of Kendale Lakes. It offers free HIV/AIDs testing. The health center has a good reputation of quality services that are fast and convenient. It is an appointment basis health center that offers private and confidential STD testing and treatment. They boast specialized experts in all STDs. Baptist Health Corporate Center is another public health facility within the city. It offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential. The facility also offers referral services on request. They have services for different levels of individuals depending on the type and severity of disease. Their services are cost friendly to all locals. They accept different insurance covers.

South Miami Hospital is a private health facility within Kendale Lakes. It offers high end services with an option for referral on request. The facility is appointment based as it values client’s time. The facility has a reputation of handling their clients with care and respect. It offers private and confidential STD diagnosis which is accurate. They also offer family and individual therapies depending on client’s wishes. They accept different insurance covers. Kendall REG is another private hospital within the city. It offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential.  The facility which has been in existence for over 20 years has a reputation of offering medically accurate diagnosis.

Urgent Family Care Inc. is one of the finest urgent care centers within the city. It offers emergency STD services to all regardless of race, religion or place of origin. They have a qualified personnel who have specialized in different departments. Their services are pocket friendly to the locals. They accept all forms of payment including different insurance covers. MD Now Urgent Care is another urgent care center that offers immediate assistance to all STD related matters. They offer walk in basis services with a first come first served system. Their services are private and confidential.

Kendall Health Center Planned Parenthood center is another health facility within the city. It offers appointment basis services that also consist of contraception education. It has various branches across the city and is one of the best parenthood centers in the city. It has experts who have specialized in different diseases. The health facility has been in existence for more than two decades and has a reputation of offering medically accurate diagnosis.  Golden Glades parenthood center is another health facility within Kendale Lakes. It offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential. They also offer family and individual therapies upon request from clients.

Better Sexual Health in Kendale Lakes, FL

The city of Kendale Lakes was incorporated in early 1990s, it has since then transformed into one of the main economic bases for the county. Due to the economic stability of the city, many people including investors migrated to the city. This has led to a rapid growth in population in the city which has in turn increased the rate of STD infection. The health community has implemented comprehensive sexual education in middle and high schools within the city after complete failure of abstinence only system.

Together with improving the standards of the existing health services, the health community has been closely motoring the situation. Outreach programs and exhibitions have been staged to help in sensitizing the locals on the need for  STD testing and treatment.

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