What are the STI test options in Woodstock,IL?

McHenry County has from 2013 through to 2017 recorded al-time highs of sexually transmitted diseases that were almost wiped out by 2000. Over the last 5 years, STDs have increased by 32.5%, 201.1% and 160.8% for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50% of U.S new infections are 15 to 24 year olds about 25% of the total young adults who are sexually active. Men who are involved in sex with other men, pregnant women with syphilis, black people and young people under 30 years are the high risk population.

The report further indicates that sexually active persons who inject drugs are 10 times more likely to contract the infectious diseases. Statewide analysis indicates irresponsible sexual behavior as the primary link to the alarming statistics.

McHenry Department of Public Health is encouraging people to go for STD testing annually. This is because most of the sexually transmitted diseases go undiagnosed or untreated. STD testing services include Chlamydia tests, gonorrhea tests, hepatitis tests, Syphilis tests, conventional HIV blood test and HPV vaccines.

Public health facility that offer these services include McHenry County Health Department on 2200 N Seminary Avenue Woodstock, a federally managed clinic that is open to the general public.

Moreover, there are local facilities within Woodstock that may provide free STD testing. Despite the health centers expending these services, multiple payment modes might not be available and prescription for after care may be unavailable if you test positive. Also, the clinics might offer testing and treatment at inconsistent times and you may have to deal with long queues and the test results may delay for more two weeks.

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