What are the STI test options in New London,CT?

The number of people diagnosed with STIs in New London, CT is on the rise.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chlamydia is the most prevalent. Between 2015 and 2016, Connecticut recorded a 5.7 percent increase in chlamydia infection rates. This increase was as a result of casual and unsafe sexual practices.

In 2016, the state recorded 2,745 cases of gonorrhea, which was a 31 percent increase from those reported in 2015. Most of the cases were among young people.

HIV cases were low, with Connecticut being ranked 42nd position nationwide in 2016. Syphilis has also been on the decline in the county.

Ledge Light Health District Youth Program is educating young people in New London county so that they can be aware of the risk factors associated with STIs.

Importantly, with the high infection rates of syphilis and chlamydia, the county’s department of health has instructed health professionals to conduct oral and rectal swabs, when testing the aforementioned infections, whereas prior to these processes, they tested only urine samples in men.

Overall, Ledge Light Health District has set up many clinics where people may be tested, treated, and counseled if need be.

Community Health Center of New London, which is found on the far end of Shaws Cove in New London has been providing STD testing services to residents of New London, CT. For more intense care you may visit Walk-in Medical Care found at Howard Street in New London.

Also there are clinics that offer free STD testing services in New London, CT.

The downside of these clinics is that it might be impossible to get results online. Importantly, they have an influx of patients making it hard to get fast services.

Which one is right for you?