What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Bloomfield,CT?

Bloomfield, a town in Hartford County, witnessed a significant drop of HIV infections from 3,270 at a rate of 435 in 2014 to 2,815 at a rate of 370 by 2018. Hartford County health reports also noted a decline of Gonorrhea infections from 517 at a rate of 414 in 2011 to 315 at a rate of 250 by 2015.

Chlamydia cases were widespread in the county, and the infections surged from the low of 1,851 at a rate of 1,482 in 2011 to 1,608 at a rate of 1,276 by 2015.

There were few Syphilis cases among the Hartford county residents, but the infections increased from 6 cases at a rate of 5 in 2011 to 19 at a rate of 15 by 2015.

The Hartford County Department of Health has allocated more resources to provide testing and screening services throughout the county, and more funds have been allocated to special needs populations like the transgenders, intravenous drug users, and individuals involved in the sex trade. 

Several health centers in Bloomfield are committed to maintaining the town resident’s sexual health by providing free STD testing. However, the free tests may only be available to individuals at a high risk of contracting the infections, and some of the tests may be invasive and uncomfortable.

Residents may visit Urgent Care at Bloomfield or Planned Parenthood – Hartford North Health Center to check their sexual well-being. You may opt for other hospitals located near the town such as Hartford HealthCare HealthCenter and West Hartford/Bloomfield Health District.