What are the STI test options in Hartford,CT?

The state is fortunate enough to experience a relatively lower-than-average rate of sexually transmitted disease. It ranks in the bottom ten for sexually diseased in the nation; however, as the nation is in the midst of an STD epidemic even a low relative ranking still represents a public health concern.

In 2000 syphilis was on the brink of being declared an eradicated disease. Now, the CDC reported a documented 27,814 cases of syphilis nationwide in 2016. In Hartford there were 11 cases of syphilis reported that same year. If caught early most STDs are easily treated, but many can be present without symptoms.

Various organizations focus on prevention and education services to specific communities, including LGBT and Latino communities. Many organizations, clinics, and locations provide free STD testing, condoms, inexpensive and and psychosocial support services for those living with long-term STDs.

So don’t wait, take charge of your health with testing and safe practices. Testing locations throughout the city include: Charter Oak Health Center Incorporated on Grand Street, Community Health Services Incorporated on Albany Avenue, and Latino Community Services on Wethersfield Avenue.

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