What are the STI test options in East Haven,CT?

Connecticut has consistently recorded low rates of STDs and STIs, ranking 42nd nationally. Some of the common STDs prevalent in the region include Gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. Other sexually transmitted diseases include genital wart, herpes, trichomoniasis, vaginosis and HIV/ AIDs.

According to Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Annual Report, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis have reported increased cases of 4.7%, 18.5% and 17.6% respectively. In Connecticut, chlamydia cases increased by 759 while that of gonorrhea rose by 653 and syphilis went up by 111 representing a 12% increase from the previous year.

The report established that chlamydia was taking up the majority of the STDs new diagnosis. The population of focus were teens and the youth of up to 30 years who largely engaged in unprotected sex. Chlamydia largely affected women twice as much as men. However, gonorrhea and syphilis were common among men having sex with men – a paradigm shift as women were in the past most vulnerable.

The Department of Health following alarming rates of new STDs diagnosis has launched a program to enlighten the public on STDS, how to curb and the control measures to deal with this scourge. The program has availed STD screening and diagnostic testing.

Furthermore, STD testing services are provided in medical centers across East Haven. For instance, Planned Parenthood – New Haven Health Center and New Haven Health Department are options you may consider visiting for STIs testing.

Some neighborhood healthcare centers within East Haven may offer free STD testing. Nonetheless, clinics are income based and provide the free service as per your area of residency. In addition, you may wait for long hours for results.

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