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West Hartford, Connecticut is an upscale town located in the county of Hartford. The town is best known for its popular downtown area known as the West Hartford Center. This area has been the focal point of the town since the late 17th century. In 2010, the town was one of the top ten greatest places to raise a family. Covering only 22 square miles, West Hartford, CT still maintains charm while providing ample business opportunities. As of this year, the population was 63,268. While Connecticut is does not rank on the higher end of the scale when it comes to sexually transmitted infections, state and local officials still endeavor to promote awareness and maintain locations for testing and counseling. There are several centers through the area, as well as the state that allow those needing testing the opportunity to get the assistance they need.

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STD Statistics In Hartford County, CT



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Hartford County, CT. Data is normalized to accurately report Hartford County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in West Hartford, CT

As of 2015, the state of Connecticut had 271 reported cases of HIV. The state ranks 29th among the rest of the states when it comes to the number of HIV cases reported. 56.8% of the cases reported was a result of men having sex with men, followed by 32.1% of heterosexual cases. Black, non-Hispanics made up the largest ethnic demographic at 36.5%, followed by White, non-Hispanics at 31%.

The state ranks 41st among the rest of the states in regard to chlamydial cases. The greatest gender demographic impacted have been woman, aged 20-24. There were 493 cases per 100,000 persons and it was reported that women were impacted 2.2 more times than men.

Connecticut also ranked 41st for the number of Gonorrhea cases reported. There were 58.1 cases reported amongst every 100,000 people. As with Chlamydia, the greatest age demographic was ages 20-24.

As of 2014, in Hartford County, 354 out every 100,000 people were diagnosed with HIV. The largest ethnic demographic impacted are Black, non-Hispanics. The largest gender demographic are males. Those aged 35-44 were the age demographic most impacted. During the same year it was reported that there were 4,154 cases of Chlamydia within Hartford County

In 2014, the age demographic most impacted by Syphilis were those aged 25-29. Non-Hispanic Whites were the greatest ethnic demographic impacted. Males were the greatest gender demographic impacted.

The age demographic of those aged 20-24 reported the greatest amount of Gonorrhea cases. Non-Hispanic Blacks were the ethnic demographic most impacted. Males were the gender demographic most impacted.

Chlamydia impacted those aged 20-24 the most in 2014. Non-Hispanic Blacks were the ethnic group most impacted. Females were the gender group more impacted.

Graph of hiv rates in west hartford connecticut from 2015

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in West Hartford, CT

Connecticut does not require schools to teach sexuality education, but does require that schools teach human growth and development and disease prevention. Connecticut law also states: “Each local and regional board of education shall offer during the regular school day planned, ongoing and systematic instruction on acquired immune deficiency syndrome, as taught by legally qualified teachers.”

The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health uses the state’s PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program) funds to provide school-and community-based programs to youth aged 13–19 in the child welfare system. Programming takes place in all counties. The Connecticut PREP program addresses the following adult preparation topics: healthy relationships, adolescent development, and healthy life skills through the curriculum called Making Proud Choices! and Teen Talk.

Outside of the school system, there are several community resources. The Health Education and Wellness Center helps to promote healthy relationships. The staff works to promote healthy sexual decision making. They offer free safe sex supplies including both male and female condoms, lubricant and dental dams. They also provide resources on how to choose the right contraceptive.

About 22-minutes from West Hartford is the Oak Hill Center for Relationship and Sexuality Education. They provide therapeutic interventions, classes and professional development. They also provide quality workbooks and curriculum. Their staff is taught from within – one staff member is trained with the specific purpose of teaching another. This is to promote teamwork from within and serve as an example as to what healthy relationships look like.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in West Hartford, CT

Because West Hartford is an affluent town, the poverty statistics vary when compared to some other cities. In fact, only 7% of the population live below the poverty level. There does not seem to be any direct correlation between poverty and STI’s or HIV/AIDS. The demographic most impacted by poverty are females aged 75 and older. This demographic is barely impacted by either STI’s or HIV.

There also does not seem to be a correlation between the salaries males receive and the number of males impacted by STI’s and HIV/AIDS. Males make around $45,000 more than females do. Most males are also more likely to obtain higher paying jobs than females. Despite this, males are still the gender demographic most impacted by STI’s and AIDS/HIV.

There could possibly be a correlation between the fact that the male demographic is less likely to be medically insured. The male demographic is the gender demographic most impacted by all STI’s except Chlamydia. They are also the gender demographic most impacted by HIV.

There could also be correlation between the number of male graduates and the number of males impacted by STI’s and HIV/AIDS. In 2015, there were only 109 male graduates as opposed to 972 female graduates in West Hartford. Males graduated 0.11 times less than females. Non-Hispanic Blacks, the ethnic demographic most impacted by STI’s and HIV/AIDS, also had a lower graduation rate.

Non-Hispanic Blacks also had lower wages in most professions. This could also possibly correlate with the fact that they are the ethnic demographic most impacted. They fell behind both White, non-Hispanics and Asians. In 2015, they made approximately $37,000 less than White, non-Hispanics.

STI Testing Resources in West Hartford, CT

The Planned Parenthood in West Hartford offers treatment and testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. In addition, they offer testing and treatment for bacterial vaginosis, genital warts, herpes, and trichomoniasis. They also offer the HPV vaccine and condoms. STD screenings are available to both men and women on a walk-in basis. They offer testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia using a urine sample. If tests come back positive treatment is available for both the patient and their partner. Many insurances are accepted and if the patient is insured than there are options available for the patient to still receive treatment.

AIDS Connecticut (ACT) ACT is a statewide coalition of organizations that provide services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Connecticut. Their goal it to improve the lives of people impacted by HIV through care and supportive services, housing, advocacy and prevention. They are in Hartford, which is about 9-minute drive from West Hartford. They provide a vast range of services including advocacy and support services.

Community Health Service in Hartford offers services across the board. They have two locations with several departments, medical specialists, eligibility departments, a pharmacy and a lab. Appointments can be made online or by calling. There is also assistance available for those with questions about insurance.

Charter Oak Health Center Inc. HIV/AIDS is located Hartford. Their offices offer medical help for STI’s. They offer Chlamydia Testing, Conventional HIV Blood Testing, Conventional HIV Oral Testing, Gonorrhea Testing, and the HPV Vaccine. There is no eligibility required to seek treatment at their center.

The Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective has an STD clinic onsite Their services include Hepatitis C testing, Hepatitis A & B Immunizations, PAP Testing, Pelvic Exams, Breast Exams & Mammogram Referrals, and HIV Testing (by appointment only). Testing includes a urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, a blood test for Syphilis, a swab for Gonorrhea throat infection, and a swab for Gonorrhea in those who have symptoms or have had sex without protection.

The Central Area Health Education Center Incorporated is also located in Hartford. Their hours vary and it is recommended that you call ahead to make an appointment. They provide rapid oral HIV testing.

Better Sexual Health in West Hartford, CT

West Hartford in Connecticut seems to provide adequate resources, testing, and treatment for the population it has. While there has been an increase in STI’s, this does not seem to be from a lack of information provided both in an academic and medical setting. Educational curriculum supports and advocates abstinence, while also promoting being smart when becoming sexually active. There is a Planned Parenthood within the city limits of West Hartford. The town also has several local clinics where testing and treatment is provided. Demographics and statistics suggest that African Americans are most likely to contract an STI. It could be argued that this is a result of the percentage of white students that graduate as opposed to students of other ethnicities. Regardless of the statistics, the best way to prevent STI’s is to either remain abstinent or practice safe sex with your partner. West Hartford also provides several online resources that help educate about STI’s. One of which is: https://samedaystdtesting.com/testing-clinics/connecticut-ct/west-hartford-std-testing

As always, if you believe you have contracted an STI, please search out a testing center and seek treatment.

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