What are the STI test options in Meriden,CT?

Meriden city has experienced a rise and fall in the number of STD cases reported each year from 2007 to 2014. In 2016, the Connecticut Health Department reported that the male population had the highest portion of HIV cases at 62.6 percent. Out of this figure, 44.4 percent were actually MSM. Surprisingly, young adults aged 20 – 29 years had the least percentage, only  3 percent, out of all age groups under study.

In 2007, 243 cases of Chlamydia were reported at a rate of 410 per 100,000 cases.  The number increased to 307 in 2013 and 2014 at a rate of 508 per 100,000 cases. This was a decrease from the 327 incidences reported in 2012 at a rate of 539 per 100,000 cases.

The same case can be noted for Gonorrhoea infections where the incidences increased from 37 cases reported in 2007 at a rate of 62 per 100,000 cases to 40 in 2014 at a rate of 66 per 100,000. This was a drop from the 50 cases reported in 2013.

Connecticut State Department of health, through the STD Control Program, has been working to reduce the occurrence of these diseases through screening, case management, preventative therapy, outbreak investigation, disease surveillance, outreach, diagnosis, and STD education.

Meriden Department of Health and Human Services-Health division located in 134 State Street is one of the centers available that offer STD testing and treatment services. Planned Parenthood also has a Meriden center situated in 26 Women’s Way that you could also consider.

There are other STD testing centers such as Meriden Community Health Center located in 134 State Street, AIDS Connecticut in Bartholomew Avenue, Hartford, and New Britain Health Department along Prospect Street, New Britain.

Some of these centers and clinics offer free STD testing services. However, you might have to wait for over one week to retrieve your test results in some cases.

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