What are the STI test options in Middletown,CT?

The STD pandemic in the US has taken on an upward trend. In Connecticut’s Middlesex town, medical professionals continue to diagnose more cases of sexually transmitted infections (STI). They include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV.

In a CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report on 2017 STD surveillance, chlamydia had the highest morbidity rate of 330.2 infection cases per 100,000 population. The total number of chlamydia incidences was 5,250.

In another study by the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, Middlesex town was among the highlighted regions with a significant population of persons living with HIV. In 2015, the rate of infection among 13+ year-olds was 190 HIV cases per 100,000 individuals.

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health (CDPH) came up with an STD prevention initiative called the STD Control Program. It aims to alleviate the STD infections through periodic surveillance, preventative therapies, community awareness, case management, and sexual health education programs.

Several medical facilities may provide STD/HIV testing within Middletown. For example, you may visit the OASIS Center along Crescent St. Another option you may choose is the Middlesex County Public Health which may provide STD testing, RAPID HIV blood testing, and immunization for Hepatitis.

Other medical clinics include the Planned Parenthood Women’s Medical Center in New England located along Main St. Alternatively, Middletown residents may visit the Community Health Center which also lies on Main St. The clinic may offer testing and treatment services for HIV and Hep C.

Other clinics may provide free STD testing, although there may be inconvenient hours, or health workers may not be available at the time of visit.

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