What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Rosemont,CA?

Sacramento County where Rosemont is located has seen a spike in the rate of sexually transmitted infections in recent years. This has coincided with a decline in funds for low-cost and free STD testing centers. Between 2013 and 2017, the number of Chlamydia cases grew by 23%, Syphilis 136 % while Gonorrhea cases grew by 50% in Sacramento County.

Sacramento also recorded the sixth-highest  Chlamydia rates, eighth-highest Gonorrhea rates and was ranked 10th in Primary and Secondary Syphilis rates among California states. Of concern was the high diagnoses in young women aged 15 and 24 who made up 63% of Chlamydia cases and 51% of Gonorrhea cases.

“Many young people in Rosemont and California at large are on birth control and are neglecting the use of condoms which are key to curb spread of STDs. They are more concerned about avoiding pregnancies. With easier access and increasing options for birth control, young people are opting to use IUDs, pills, implants and assume that STDs like Chlamydia are curable.” Cheri Greven Planned Parenthood

Health officials in Sacramento have come up with the Sacramento Workgroup to Improve Sexual health, which is comprised of representatives from community groups, and healthcare providers to ascertain developments and come up with solutions that target places that have the highest risk.

Rosemont has plenty of options when it comes to STD testing. You can visit public facilities, some of which may offer free or low cost STD testing like Planned Parenthood Sacramento and Sacramento Urgent Care where you will get quality services. Long queues and inconsistent wait times are some of the shortcomings of these public STD clinics.