What are the STI test options in San Juan,TX?

With a population of 33856, San Juan is a city located in Hidalgo County of Texas. The city has been ranked as the fifth most populated metropolitan in the state of Texas. According to STD County rankings reports, Hidalgo County reported a drop in Chlamydia cases from 3729 cases to in 2017 to 3385 cases in 2018.

2017 reported a total of 1075 cases of HIV/AIDS at a prevalence rate of 175. 2018 saw an increase in the rates as well as prevalence in HIV rates with 1125 cases at a prevalence rate of 177. Youths aged between 15-25 accounted for majority of these cases.

‘’Increase in STDs are a clear warning of a growing threat. STDs are a persistent enemy, growing in number and outpacing our ability to respond” Jonathan Mermin, MPH, director of CDC’s National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention.

Various public and private clinics have come up to provide STD testing services in San Juan. Free STD testing may be offered in some but not all public clinics. Long wait hours coupled by delays in receiving your results, which might take several days are some of the shortcomings of public clinics which offer free STD testing.

Some of the clinics that offer STD testing in San Juan, TX include; Community Action Corporation of South Texas Kingsville Health Center, Nuestra Clinica Del Valle San Juan Women’s Health Center and Nuestra Clinica Del Valle San Juan Clinic which offer low cost or free STD testing.

Which one is right for you?