What are the STI test options in Mountain View,CA?

Mountain View, California is located in Santa Clara County. It is named for its pristine views of the Santa Cruz mountains. Mountain View, Ca has seen much growth since its days as a stagecoach stop and currently boasts a population of 2,372. It is also home to many technology companies including Google, Mozilla Foundation and Intuit. It also boasts the fact that the original Byte Shop (where the Apple 1 was first sold) is located within its city limits. Microsoft and Samsung also have major locations there – making it a major city in the infamous Silicon Valley.

While the rate of sexually transmitted infections is at an all-time high within the state of California, new education and legislation is driving local and state officials to work harder on lowering the high STI rates. Within Santa Clara County, there are still several resources for both education and testing for STI’s.

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STD Statistics In Santa Clara County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Santa Clara County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Santa Clara County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Mountain View, CA

While the numbers in Santa Clara County are a bit lower than other areas of the state, STI’s are still a major concern. This is partly because while the numbers are lower, they have been increasing steadily over the last six years. In particular, the rate of Syphilis in women – particularly pregnant women.

Gonorrhea cases have risen sharply since 2012 within the county. In fact, the number of cases has grown by 194%. The greatest ethnic demographic impacted by Gonorrhea cases are Black, non-Hispanics. There are almost three times as many cases amongst this group when compared to White, non-Hispanics. In 2015 the greatest age demographic impacted were those aged 20-24 – mostly in males.

The county also saw a rise in Early Syphilis.  – more so among males than females. The number of cases reported went from 4.5 cases per 100,000 individuals to 6.8 cases. The greatest ethnic demographic impacted were Black, non-Hispanics. There were 127 cases reported among males aged 45 years old and older.

The number of Chlamydia cases have gone up from 298 cases per 100,000 people to 352 cases. The gender most impacted are females, but only by a few cases. The ethnic demographic most impacted are Black, non-Hispanics, followed closely by Latinos. The age demographic most impacted are those aged 20-24 years of age.

Graph of hiv rates in mountain view california from 2014

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Mountain View, CA

In 2016 the state of California passed a new law known as the California Healthy Youth Act. This act covers sexual health education within the public-school system. It states that sexual health education must happen at least twice during a student’s academic career: once in middle school, and once in high school. Any education a student receives, even in elementary school, must be medically accurate.

Under this law, materials used must be appropriate to students off all races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural background and cover students with disabilities as well. Educators are also required to teach about healthy relationships as well as how to make good decisions. A student’s education must also not dictate that abstinence is the only form of safe sexual health. Parents must be notified if their student is being taught sexual health at least 14 days before the education begins.

Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara County also provides a class on Sexual Genital Health. They provide a wide range of information, including how to avoid STI’s. They also discuss genital hygiene and safe sex choices. They offer additional written information at all of their Health Education Centers.

There is a Planned Parenthood in Mountain View. They offer online and in office educational resources. They also provide condoms. And other forms of contraception. Additionally, they provide counseling and one on one information to those seeking assistance.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Mountain View, CA

In Mountain View, the median household income falls above the average for the country. On average, a household brings in about $103,488 a year. Black, non-Hispanics, who are the ethnic demographic most impacted by STI’s and HIV in all categories except Syphilis, were one of the lowest paid ethnic demographics. In fact, according to some statistics, they are the lowest paid ethnic demographic within this area.

Among Black, non-Hispanics, males were the greatest gender demographic impacted when it came to all STIs. Despite making more on average in their yearly salary, males have a lower graduation rate than females. In 2015, only 12,114 males graduated in comparison to 14,865 females. The graduation percentage among Black, non-Hispanics was less than 4% when compared to other ethnic groups.

Black, non-Hispanic females aged 20-24 were more impacted by Chlamydia than Black, non-Hispanic males were, though not by much. Females also make up the poorest gender demographic in Santa Clara County. Particularly those aged 18-24, and followed closely by those aged 25-34. A majority of these would fall within the age demographic most impacted by STIs.

STI Testing Resources in Mountain View, CA

The Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center offers STI prevention, testing and counseling for youth living in the area. Their main office is in Union City, which is about a half hour drive, and they have a few others throughout the county. They have both medical offices and offices geared specifically toward school age individuals.

Located about 20 minutes away is Tri-City Health Care. They have three locations throughout the area. Their clinics offer HIV testing, HIV oral testing, Chlamydia, Syphilis and Gonorrhea testing, and the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Ohlone Health Center provides HIV testing at both their Fremont and Hayward located – both which are about a 20-25-minute drive. They are closed Fridays through Sundays and holidays. They accept both appointments and walk-ins.

The Alameda County Medical Center Winton Wellness Center is located about 30 minutes away. They offer free HIV Testing, rapid HIV blood testing, rapid HIV oral testing, all major STI testing, Herpes testing, Hepatitis B testing, and the HPV vaccine. Their hours vary, and it is recommended an individual call in order to set up an appointment.

There is a Planned Parenthood located directly in Mountain View. Individuals are encouraged to make an appointment online. This Planned Parenthood accepts a wide variety of insurances- all of which are listed on their website.

They test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia using urine samples. Most of their STI tests also require a genital exam. Rapid HIV testing can be done by swabbing the inside of the patient’s mouth and with results in as little as 20 minutes. They offer counseling for those whose tests come back positive.

Better Sexual Health in Mountain View, CA

Mountain View in California provides adequate resources, testing, and treatment for the population it has. While there has been an increase in STI’s, this does not seem to be from a lack of information provided both in an academic and medical setting. Educational curriculum supports and advocates abstinence, while also promoting being smart when becoming sexually active. There is a Planned Parenthood within the city limits of Mountain View, and the city has several local clinics nearby where testing and treatment is provided. Demographics and statistics suggest that Black, non-Hispanics, followed by Latinos, are most likely to contract an STI. It could be argued that this is a result of the percentage of white students that graduate as opposed to students of other ethnicities. Regardless of the statistics, the best way to prevent STI’s is to either remain abstinent or practice safe sex with your partner. Mountain View also provides several online resources that help educate about STI’s. One of which is: http://www.youthaidscoalition.org/std-testing-in-mountain-view-ca.html As always, if you believe you have contracted an STI, please search out a testing center and seek treatment.

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