What are the STI test options in Duncanville,TX?

Duncanville, Texas is a city in southern Dallas County. It is part of what is called the Best Southwest area.

During World War II, the Army Air Corps set up a landing field for flight training in the city. Afterwards, the military developed this landing field into Duncanville Air Force Station.

It was headquarters for the four Nike-Hercules missile launch sites guarding Dallas/Fort Worth. This included protection against a Soviet bomber attack. The station also housed Air Force tracking radars for the region.

Duncanville, TX has also seen a spike in reported STI rates, and this means that’s it important for you to take care of your sexual health.

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STD Statistics In Dallas County, TX



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Dallas County, TX. Data is normalized to accurately report Dallas County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Duncanville, TX

Texas is on the list of states with highest rates of STDs. It came in at number eleven on the list with the highest rates of STDs and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Texas had 633.8 STDs per 100,000 people for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. There were 129,861 cases of chlamydia meaning about 498 cases per 100,000 people.

The number of cases and rate for gonorrhea were 33,835 (129.8). Syphilis included 1,475 cases and a rate of 5.7.

According to a recent study of the top 100 most sexually diseased cities in the U.S., we see statistics for areas that reported rates higher than 290 per 100,000 people. Nine Texas cities made that list. Killeen (home of Ft. Hood military base) leads in the number 9 spot.

Texas has the nation’s third-highest rate of unplanned teen pregnancies. It is 63 per 1,000 births for girls 15 to 19. The state has the second-highest rate of multiple births for girls 15 to 19.

Houston has only seen a 12% increase over the same time period, and Dallas saw a decrease of 23%. The populations most impacted by AIDS/HIV are different in these various locations.

Graph of std rates in duncanville texas from 2014

STD Testing and Sexual Education in Duncanville, TX

The Texas Freedom Network recently conducted a survey about sex education in the state. The survey showed that a quarter of the state’s public schools do not teach sex education.

Several years ago the state dropped a graduation requirement for health education. So many schools do not teach the topic.

The way sex education looks in Texas today is the way it has looked for years. Under the law, abstinence must be taught as the first and best choice.

Everything else is optional, including talking about disease prevention, conception, and sex education. Some believe that Texans must demand more adequate sex education for students. At a time where apps make hooking up easier than ever, effective sex education is integral to addressing issues such as the misconceptions around the continued severity of HIV infection.

At a time when infections among young people is on the rise, this refusal to move towards more comprehensive sex education can increase the chance for STDs according to some. David Wiley is a health education professor at Texas State University. He is a critic of abstinence only sex education. He notes that currently student have misconceptions he sees in his classes.

Some male students ask about their chance of getting cervical cancer. Some female students have no idea how birth control works.

Texas now ranks third in teen pregnancies, first in repeat teen births, and sixth for gonorrhea among young women. It ranks 12th for diagnosed HIV cases among teenagers.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Duncanville, TX

Demographics play a role in STD rates in the city and area. The high school and young adult demographic is the focus of many STD prevention programs.

Note that your city and area are some of the ethnically diverse populations in the United States. This includes Duncanville High School. Your city has a racial and ethnic makeup of 32 percent non Hispanic white, 29 percent non Hispanic black, and 35 percent Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Those who are 15 to 24 years old are the demographic for men and women that shows the highest numbers and rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea. About half of all new STD diagnoses are among young people.

Dallas has seen the highest rates of infection among African Americans for HIV. HIV is also impacting other populations as 17% of the infected population are African American women. Young gay men make up the vast majority of those infected.

Compared with older adults, sexually active people ages 15 to 24 are at higher risk of getting an STD. However, we should also keep in mind that locations throughout Texas can be a good place for a retired person so we should look at STD rates in seniors.

The Center for Disease Control notes increases in senior citizen population STDs. Since 2007, incidence of syphilis among seniors is up by 52 percent. Chlamydia is up 32 percent. Senior citizens are sexually active and practicing unprotected sex. Medicare now offers STD screenings for seniors.

Factors in the growing numbers include Americans are living longer and healthier lives with an interest in sex. Viagra and similar pills are another factor as are progesterone and estrogen creams for older women.

As you get older, your immune system tends to weaken. You can be more prone to infection. This can be a concern also if a senior has an STD, is fighting it off, and could become more vulnerable to another infection.

STI Testing Resources in Duncanville, TX

There are several options available to you for STI testing near your city. Planned Parenthood is an option.

Shelburne North Dallas Health Center/Planned Parenthood is about 6 miles from you and an option to consider if transportation is not a problem.

The staff is trained to help you with your situation. The facility offers STD testing, diagnosis, and treatment including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

Additionally, the center provides testing and diagnosis for HIV and testing, diagnosis, and treatment for bacterial vaginosis, genital warts, herpes, and trichomoniasis. STD prevention services include condoms, HPV (Gardasil) vaccines, hepatitis B vaccines, and STD/safer sex education.

This health center supports and welcomes clients regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or biological sex, including but not limited to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex clients. All services are provided in a respectful and professional manner.

If you are embarrassed to be seen at Planned Parenthood you could consider the hospital or urgent care option. No one will know why you are there.

Yet another option is a private service such as PlushCare. You order your STD tests through this service.

Then you visit a local lab. Then you get results via email in three business days or less. When you order you choose the tests you want to order.

If you do not know for sure which tests to order, call the service so they can help. When you visit a local lab you bring with you a personalized lab order form.

There is no appointment needed. It takes one blood and/or urine sample and about 15-30 minutes. If results show a need for treatment, you connect with the service and a doctor to provide a treatment plan.

The Martin Luther King Jr Family Clinic is also near you. It offers:

Conventional HIV Blood Testing

Chlamydia Testing

Syphilis Testing

Gonorrhea Testing

Abounding Prosperity Incorporated is a community based organization near you. It is open to the general public for HIV and Syphilis Testing

The Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas Urban Indian Health Program is near you. A certificate of degree of Indian blood card is required. It offers:

Conventional HIV Blood Testing

Chlamydia Testing

Syphilis Testing

Gonorrhea Testing

Herpes Testing

The AIDS Arms Incorporated Trinity Health and Wellness Center is near your city and offers several types of STI tests.

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Community Prevention and Intervention Unit is about three miles from your city. You must be over the age of 12 for HIV testing. The facility also provides,

Conventional HIV Blood Testing

Syphilis Testing

Mosaic Family Services can also help with HIV testing.

Better Sexual Health in Duncanville, TX

You can find in your area information about STDs, testing, and treatment from several sources. While STD rates are high in your city and area, help is available in your area in the way of testing and treatment that is confidential, discreet, compassionate, and effective.

The staff at these facilities are trained to help you, especially with the staff at the Planned Parenthood or any other facility by reminding you to check your health, improve it, and always using a condom to practice safe sex.

You can get information about STDs, testing, and treatment at an area hospital such as Methodist Charlton. You can also go to an area high school for such information. A nurse or counsellor at Duncanville High School could help. Here are links to these resources.

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