What are the STI test options in Alvin,TX?

Alvin, TX, just 25 miles from Houston, has been experiencing an increase in sexually transmitted diseases in recent years. In 2007, the number of cases of chlamydia infection was 227 per 100,000. By 2017, the number of chlamydia cases increased by 42% to 392.

Gonorrhea cases also increased from 180 cases in 2010 to 307 cases in 2017. In addition, syphilis cases doubled from 24 cases in 2010 to 58 cases in 2017. 

Moreover, the number of new HIV diagnoses in Brazoria County have also doubled in recent years. In 2008, 21 new cases were recorded at a rate of 7 per 100,000. By 2017, new HIV diagnoses rose to 44 cases per year. A combined total of 762 HIV-positive residents were living in Brazoria County in 2017, indicating a need for HIV/STD education and prevention programs. 

To help prevent the spread of STDs in Alvin, Brazoria County Health Department provides education, prevention counseling, and weekly STD screenings that may include physical exams and/or blood draws. 

Angleton Clinic, Alvin Health Clinic, and Affinity Urgent Care are among the locations you can consider for STD tests and treatments in and around Alvin, TX. 

Galveston County’s STD Program also provides outreach services to Brazoria County residents, offering partner notification, HIV outreach, and assistance in obtaining appropriate examinations and treatments. 

Some clinics offer free STD testing services, but walk-in appointments might not be possible, and only some tests may be covered. Some clinics might also charge for doctor consultations.

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