What are the STI test options in La Porte,TX?

Statistics for STD cases in La Porte, TX are wrapped up within the Harris County figures and a 2016 report found that the county is a hotspot for the three most prevalent infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis.

The report shows that the county has the highest number of STD cases for these three diseases of all 254 counties in the state. There was a sharp incline in numbers seen across all three infections from 2009 but the steepest incline was seen among the number of chlamydia cases from 2009, increasing from 17,719 to 26,931 in 2016. The number of gonorrhea cases also rose by 49% and syphilis by 46% from 2016.

According to 2014 figures, an estimated 1,200 people in Harris County were newly diagnosed with HIV, and approximately six out of 10 of those diagnoses are of African American residents.

“Harris County figures are disconcerting because it shows that people catch the disease and then don’t get tested, which means they can spread to other people and that’s why there is that jump in syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. We need to focus on providing information.”

There are places that could offer STD testing in La Porte, TX including AFC Urgent Clare Clinic and the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services is nearby in Humble. There is also a Harris County clinic in Pasadena. 

Residents may also consider the Saint Hope Foundation at the Dickinson Health Center around 15 miles away.

Some of the clinics in the area may have free STD testing available but appointment availability may be sparse with long wait times.