What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Cloverleaf,TX?

Cloverleaf, TX, a city in East Harris County, is experiencing an STD outbreak

In 2017, the county had the highest rate of STDs in the state. Out of 144,801  chlamydia cases in Texas in 2017, the county reported 26,585 new infections, up from 25,035 in 2014.

Gonorrhea diagnoses are increasing fast with 7,195 in 2014, and 8,471 in 2017. To compare, in 2017, the state had a total of 45,346 infections.

Total syphilis cases are also going up. In 2014, it reported 2,038 diagnoses. Three years later, the county had 2,758 new ones in 2017. There were 11,499 state-wide infections during the same year.

County health officials are concerned about the growing number of STD infections and are urging everyone that is sexually active to get regular STI testing and help reduce the spread of these dangerous diseases.

There are several locations in and near Cloverleaf that provide comprehensive STD testing. Most of these sites include treatment and follow-up care.

The Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services operates the Southeast Clinic on Red Bluff Rd in Pasadena.

The Harris Health System offers STD services at the Settegast Health Center on the corner of N Wayside Dr and Snowden St in Houston. They also operate the Gulfgate Health Center on Office City Dr, which is also in Houston. 

Some of these locations might offer free STD testing. However, it may be challenging to get a convenient appointment, and walk-in services might not be an option. Additionally, it’s possible they will ask for proof of income.