What are the STI test options in Pearland,TX?

Every year approximately 61,500 people are affected by chlamydia, 20,100 people are affected by gonorrhea, and 1,200 people are affected by syphilis.

In 2016 there were 4,464 cases of HIV, 40 cases of Hepatitis C, 156 cases of Hepatitis B, 139 cases of Hepatitis A, 1,955 cases of syphilis, 142,952 cases of chlamydia, and 42,472 cases of gonorrhea.

Texas law requires minors to obtain parental consent for STD testing. Concerned organizations and citizens are lobbying for greater funding, reduction of stigma, and implementation of PrEP clinics to aid in reducing the number of STDs across the area.

Houston area organizations are joining forces in efforts to implement education and prevention initiatives in the area. Efforts include concerts, artists, and classes to increase awareness and decrease stigma with sexually transmitted diseases. Area clinics are starting to offer free STD testing for those that don’t mind waiting for test results. 

As a suburb of Houston, Pearland has a few testing locations with many more available in near proximity. In Pearland itself you can find the University of Texas Medical Branch on East Broadway and in nearby Houston you can find the Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinic on Broadway or the Harris Health System on Office City Drive, to name just a couple.

Which one is right for you?