What are the STI test options in Kettering,OH?

Kettering, Ohio, is Dayton’s largest suburb, and mostly in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County HIV prevalence rate in 2015 was 245 per 100K people, and this statistic worries health officials, who are working on ways to bring the numbers down.

They encourage doctors to talk with their patients about STDs, saying lack of education is a major problem. Many people who are infected don’t know it, and they could be passing on the diseases to others.

In 2017, there were 3,156 chlamydia cases in Montgomery County, at a rate of 594.1 per 100K people. The rates for gonorrhea and syphilis were 253.4 and 17.3. There were two cases of congenital syphilis.

There are some STD-testing clinics in Kettering, and even more options in Dayton if you can get there (it’s often easier to find free STD testing in larger cities as well). South Community, on Kettering Blvd, does STD screening (they also have other locations).

The Little Clinic screens and treats STIs, and they have several locations. Dayton’s Planned Parenthood is on Wilkinson St, and they test for STDs and treat all except HIV, at a low cost that depends on your income.

Which one is right for you?