What are the STI test options in Conroe,TX?

As part of the Houston metropolitan area, Conroe could be expected to share that city’s STD problems. In fact, Montgomery County’s HIV rate is much lower than Harris County’s. In 2017, there were 803 people living with HIV or AIDS in Montgomery County, with a prevalence rate of 140.6 per 100K people.

Harris County (which contains Houston) had a rate of 551.7, and Texas’s rate was 320.4. But don’t get too smug about it, Conroe! Those numbers still need to come down.

In 2017, Montgomery County had 1,515 chlamydia cases, at a rate of 265.4 per 100K people. The gonorrhea and syphilis rates were 52.4 and 13.1. Health officials say STD rates are high in the south for a variety of reasons, among them insufficient sex education for youth and high poverty levels, which can prevent people from accessing health care.

There are a few STD-testing clinics in Conroe, and more options in the surrounding cities (and it may be easier to find free STD testing in the larger cities). The Montgomery County Public Health District provides testing for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea for a low cost. You can find them on S Loop. NextCare Urgent Care, at Waterpoint Shopping Center, does STI testing. St. Hope Foundation, on Frazier St, offers treatment for people with HIV.

Which one is right for you?