What are the STI test options in Baltimore,MD?

Of the three most commonly reported STDs – gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis – there were a total of 44,967 reported cases in 2017, which shows an increase of 10.5% from the prior year.

Reported gonorrhea cases increased by 15%, chlamydia cases increased by 9%, and syphilis cases (a disease that was almost non-existent) increased by 12.3% from 2016 to 2017.

HIV cases, though did decreased from 279 in 2016 to 231 in 2017, indicating at least one potentially positive factor for sexual health in the city of Baltimore.

Factors like unprotected sex, lack of sex education, and the opioid epidemic are all seen as contributing factors to the rise in sexually transmitted diseases; however, the city is working to combat these issues with resources like mobile counseling and testing services.

Because every year STD rates are increasing it’s important to stay safe with regular screenings. Locate a public or private STD testing center near you, such as the Maryland General Hospital on Linden Avenue or the GLBT Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland on Cathedral Street.

If you are searching for free STD testing there are options, a complete guide can be found at the GLBT Community Center or by checking the local health department’s webpage. 

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STD Statistics In Baltimore city County, MD



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Baltimore city County, MD. Data is normalized to accurately report Baltimore city County STD Breakdown.

There is so much to see and do in Baltimore, MD. It is home to the B&O Railroad Museum, American Visionary Art Museum, Fort McHenry, the National Aquarium and the USS Constellation. The local government takes pride in the accomplishments of this amazing city, but at the same time, they are concerned over the growing rates of STD infections in the area. New cases of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and HIV are reported each year. This makes STD testing an important step for citizens at risk to take for helping to maintain sexual health in the region. Testing is easy to order and only takes about 15 to 20 minutes of your time for a visit to a local lab. Private STD testing is available for your comfort and if you have limited financial resources, there are free STD testing centers available in Baltimore, Maryland.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Baltimore, MD

Data is collected from all STD testing sites including STD testing clinics, private physicians and hospitals. The information provided does not include the names of clients in order to protect their confidentiality. Demographic information is used to help statisticians in formulating reports that show which groups of persons are at the highest risk of contraction certain types of sexually transmitted disease infections. The numbers included are based upon most recently reported cases in a 12 month period in the area.

  • Chlamydia – 7751
  • Gonorrhea – 2179
  • Syphilis – 212

These figures, when compared with data from previous years show a decrease from five years ago overall, but there is a jump in cases of Gonorrhea reported. This could be due to higher population numbers and a decrease in at-risk persons, who do not get tested. The actual numbers of all persons believed to be infected with these often serious conditions would rise with more positive cases reported if more people get STD testing.

This data is useful in providing the raw materials that are used in calculating which segments of the population must receive the highest amount of attention for targeted educational campaigns to help reduce the incidences of new infections in the area.

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

Infectious Disease Clinic at Bayview


The Center for Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins Bayview is pleaded to be able to provide a full range of  services for a wide variety of infectious disease-related problems. This includes diagnostic, consultation, evaluation, treatment and prevention.

All physicians are full-time faculty at the university’s medical school so you know that you will receive the care you need. 


Appointments can be made over the phone, you cannot walk-in. You will also need to give them proof of insurance or another form of payment. They do not have free testing but you might be able to register for one of their clinical trials.


You have the fortune of being at a clinic attached to one of the leaders in research and treatment. You also have the advantage of having a physician on staff. You can pay for some medications that include antibiotics. If you were diagnosed with one of the infectious diseases they are currently studying you might be able to sign up for a clinical trail and receive free treatment.


There are over 400 people, including medical personnel,  in this division. This makes it one of the largest departments in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Their primary goal is to combat infectious diseases and this means that you are getting the best care possible.


4940 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224



Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Planned Parenthood of Baltimore


Planned Parenthood is one of the most trusted health care providers for sexual and reproductive health. Their staff includes physicians and other qualified personnel that are passionate about their work.

When you come in a physician will attend you, along with a counselor if needed. You can expect to learn your status within one to two business days.


You can walk in any time Planned Parenthood is open to make an appointment or to see if if you can get in on the same day.  Clients over 18 might qualify for free or reduced cost testing but you must inform the staff before you come in. 


If your tests come back positive for an STD that can be treated with antibiotics, you can get those here. You can also return to make sure that the medication is working. If you need additional care they can provide you with free referrals.


It has been over 100 years since Planned Parenthood first started and their mission has not changed. What is different is the advances in the care they can provide.

This center is located near the center of the city so you have several choices when it comes to getting there. Just remember to be there at least one hour before closing though it is best to get there in the morning, if you do not already have an appointment.


330 North Howard Street Baltimore, MD 21201



Open the 3rd Friday of every month from 9 am - 1 pm.

City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Baltimore,MD

Druid STD Clinic


Overseen by the city’s health department, the Druid clinic boasts a professional staff of medical personnel. They are ready to help you improve your health and protect it in the future.

Physicians and clinicians will administer the tests and will be there when your results are in. You can receive them over the phone or come back in a few days in person.


Almost all services are free and you can just walk-in. However, staff recommends that you come in around 8:30 am if you want to be sure that you are seen that day.


Since the Druid clinic is associated with the Ryan White Project you are entitled to all its free services if you are positive for HIV. If you are positive for a STD that can be treated with medications, you can get those at the clinic.


The Druid STD clinic is partnered with the Ryan White Project, which ensures that you can receive the help and treatment you need. No matter what it is. Testing is always free, along with most types of treatment.


1515 W. North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217



Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Cherry Hill Clinic


The mission of the Cherry Hill clinic is to provide quality, health care services to the community they serve. Their care is centered around the patient and this can be important if you need to be treated for a STD. 

They are affiliated with the city’s health department so physicians are at the clinic. HIV results can be back in minutes, while others may take a few days.


You do need to plan your visit in advance. You can sign up on their website by creating a patient profile or call. Insurance is the preferred payment for most but you can use other forms. The Cherry Hill clinic also offers free HIV testing to everyone.


The pharmacy at the clinic can fill most prescriptions that are needed for treatment. They will ask if you want to come back for a follow up visit. Any infectious diseases they cannot treat will be referred to an appropriate clinic.


The vision of the Cherry Hill clinic is to be the best health care center. They aim to eliminate health disparities among the community by providing affordable and accessible care.


631 Cherry Hill Road, Baltimore, MD 21225



Chase Brexton Health Care


Chase Brexton’s Center’s professional team can provide the health care you need. Along with being a primary care center, with physicians always there, they are also a STD testing clinic.

They test for most stds and it won’t take long for you to know if you need treatment. There is an on-site lab that will let you know in a few days.


All ages are welcome, minors want to check the local law. If you do not have insurance, they will work with you. This center also has free HIV testing, without an appointment, on Wednesdays. You can call and check for testing times.


Some chronic infectious diseases can be manged here. There are physicians that will see you and discuss your health. The pharmacy can handle your prescriptions and you can return anytime without an appointment if you feel there is a problem.


 Chase Brexton  strives to give you the best health care. Here you will receive more than just medical attention and  health services.Your care will be personalized and focused on you. 


1111 North Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21201



STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Baltimore, MD

Efforts are currently being made by local government officials and health professionals in the area to increase awareness of the dangers of unsafe sex, and resources that are available. Sexual health education is mandated in public schools. Students who attend public schools will know where to get a Herpes test or HIV testing in Baltimore, Maryland. There is a focus upon reaching young people before sexual experimentation may begin. While this covers the need for education in one segment of at risk populations, there is much more than needs to be done.

STDBTesting Baltimore, MD

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Baltimore, MD

People at or below poverty level are also at an increased risk for contracting an STD infection. A lack of information and limited financial resources are factors that influence this trend. Various organizations band together to promote sexual health campaigns, targeting at risk groups, with free information about sexually transmitted disease, testing and treatment. The statistics show that even thourgh sexual health education is provided in public schools, there is still a high rate of infection among young persons.

Another cause for the spread of STDs is the fact that many people who are infected are not aware that they have an STD. Not all STDs present immediate or severe symptoms. Some people who suspect that they may be infected do not have the financial resources to get tested or may be too embarrassed to call for an appointment at a local STD testing center. There are many factors that influence the spread of STDs.

An analysis of the data collected for the STD rates in the city of Baltimore, Maryland show that reported positive cases of Chlamydia infections occurred within the 15- 19 year age groups with those 20 to 24 the next highest, followed by those in the 25 to 29 year age group. Gonorrhea rates are iest in those between 20 and 24 followed by the 15 to 19 group and next, the 30 to 34 year age group. These statistics are interesting when compared with national averages and reports of Gonorrhea stats in other states and cities. Baltimore is seeing a higher number of persons in the 15 to 19 group than most other areas.

Syphilis rates are highest in the 20 to 24 year age group with the 30 to 34 and 25 to 20 year groups following in that order.

There are STD clinics available to provide health care options, however, there are obstacles which may still arise to prevent all persons from having access to the testing and treatment that is needed. Free testing centers provide services at free or reduced rates, however; this is contingent upon available funding resources. There is always the chance that funding will be depleted before the start of the new cycle. This may mean that people in need of services will have to wait.

Better Sexual Health in Baltimore, MD

There is no need to spend time worrying about the possibilities. Confidential STD testing is available to help restore your peace of mind and protect your sexual health. It’s as simple as completing the easy ordering and scheduling a quick appointment at a nearby testing lab. Friendly and courteous staff will be there to answer any questions that you may have, and administer the testing so you can shortly receive your results. You’ll be on your way in no time.


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