What are the STI test options in Union City,CA?

There are currently 5,300 people living with HIV in Alameda County, and it is reported that an additional 300 people are diagnosed each year. In Alameda County, the demographics most at risk of contracting HIV are those who engage in male-to-male sexual contact. 

It is also documented that the rate of Chlamydia in Union City has been increasing since 2013. This data suggests that residents of Union City are at risk of being infected with STDs.

As 300 people are diagnosed with HIV each year in Alameda County, health officials in Union City urge residents to seek out regular HIV tests to stop the disease from spreading further. 

 Health officials in Alameda County and Union City are trying to combat the STD epidemic by promoting STD education programs and implementing initiatives such as anonymous HIV testing and the STD Control and Prevention program. Officials hope that these campaigns will improve the awareness of sexually transmitted diseases amongst high-risk individuals in Union City and consequently keep HIV and STD rates low in the city.

It is more important than ever for residents of Union City to get tested as STDs are increasing in frequency. There are a number of public and private testing centers in the Union City area. Public testing clinics often offer free std testing, although different locations have different requirements for state-funded programs.

If you need to get tested in Union City, some clinics you could consider are Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center Incorporated (Union City Health Center), Alameda Health System (Newark Wellness Center), and Tri-City Teen Clinic. 

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