What are the STI test options in San Carlos,CA?

The high rates of new Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) infections over the past five years have become a major concern to the residents and health practitioners in San Carlos, CA.

The CA Department of Public Health did a study in 2010 and reported 29 Chlamydia infections, over 25 gonorrhea infections, and 35 cases of Syphilis infections in San Carlos, CA. Although the number of new infections was on a downward trend from 2010 to 2013, the rate of new infections among youths below 25 years has always been high. The National Center for Health did a study and found out that the number of diagnosed STDs increased by 22.7% between 2013 and 2017. According to the study, cases of new episodes of Syphilis almost doubled within the same period.

San Mateo County Health Department has put into place supportive medical services to help eradicate STD, and improve and prolong the lives of HIV patients. Residents can now access STD drugs for free or at a subsidized price. This program mostly benefits people living with HIV/AIDS.

Health facilities such as ACRC located at 2684 Middlefield Rd Ste E, Fair Oaks Clinic located at 2710 Middlefield Rd, Sequoia Teen Wellness Center located at 200 James Ave, and STD Testing San Carlos CA found at 1100 Laurel St. may offer STD Testing Services to all residents.

Several clinics in San Carlos, CA, may offer free STDs Testing; however; it may not the best option. For instance, in most free STDs testing clinics, multiple payment options may not exist. Although most of the testing options may be free, they might not be comprehensive. Also, you may have to visit the facilities physically as phone and online services might not be available.