What are the STI test options in Irondequoit,NY?

Irondequoit, NY is just of the many communities in not just New York state but across the entire nation that’s struggling with the opioid crisis. The fallout has been colossal, with the most apparent consequences being an increase in crime and the many grieving families. 

But there is another disastrous after-effect of the drug problem in Irondequoit, NY. It’s a sharp rise in the instances of STDs as users engage in risky sexual behaviour and share needles. 

Efforts have been made with public awareness and condom distribution in this small community with a little over 50,000 inhabitants. Nonetheless, when prevention fails, early detection is crucial. 

Small communities in New York state have been hit particularly hard by the opiate crisis and this has led to a rise in the rates of STDs and STIs.

Rochester Regional Health operates a number of Immediate Care facilities where patients can come in during business hours and access STD testing, in addition to other services. The Irondequoit location is at 2701 Culver Road, right across the street from Saint Kateri Catholic Church. 

Another option is the MOCHA organization in neighboring Rochester and Buffalo. This drop-in center offers counselling, support and testing services to the LGBTQ communities in Western New York

There are also free needle exchanges in Rochester and Buffalo which may offer free STD testing services. However, you need to keep in mind that with these public outreach initiatives, the STD testing is secondary to the main focus, which is providing intravenous drug users with clean syringes. 

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