What are the STI test options in Irondequoit,NY?

Irondequoit, NY is just of the many communities in not just New York state but across the entire nation that’s struggling with the opioid crisis. The fallout has been colossal, with the most apparent consequences being an increase in crime and the many grieving families. 

But there is another disastrous after-effect of the drug problem in Irondequoit, NY. It’s a sharp rise in the instances of STDs as users engage in risky sexual behaviour and share needles. 

Efforts have been made with public awareness and condom distribution in this small community with a little over 50,000 inhabitants. Nonetheless, when prevention fails, early detection is crucial. 

Small communities in New York state have been hit particularly hard by the opiate crisis and this has led to a rise in the rates of STDs and STIs.

Rochester Regional Health operates a number of Immediate Care facilities where patients can come in during business hours and access STD testing, in addition to other services. The Irondequoit location is at 2701 Culver Road, right across the street from Saint Kateri Catholic Church. 

Another option is the MOCHA organization in neighboring Rochester and Buffalo. This drop-in center offers counselling, support and testing services to the LGBTQ communities in Western New York

There are also free needle exchanges in Rochester and Buffalo which may offer free STD testing services. However, you need to keep in mind that with these public outreach initiatives, the STD testing is secondary to the main focus, which is providing intravenous drug users with clean syringes. 

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STD Statistics In Monroe County, NY



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Monroe County, NY. Data is normalized to accurately report Monroe County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Irondequoit, NY

The rate of sexually transmitted diseases has been alarming over the last five years in Irondequoit. With the population of the city hitting all time high of more than 53,000 and expected to be more in the next United States census, so is the increase of STDs within the city.

The city has overseen a rapid upsurge in the growth of STDs, mainly chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. The three above STDs have been so rampant and ruthless recently not only in the city but also in the county and state.

Chlamydia infections hit an all time high in 2010 amongst the African Americans with a rate of 3,091 cases per 100,000 population. Though the figure has been decreasing since then, it has remained very high. According to a 2015 research, the African Americans  chlamydia rates in Monroe county were 1,993 per 100,000 population. These figures have been frightening, though the disease seems to be gradually being mitigated. In 2014 the rate was 10% less than the 2015 rate. This means that over a period of one year the rate of chlamydia infection has increased by 10%. The 2015 rate was a double of 2001 rate. This clearly shows how outranging and fast the disease has been spreading over time. Generally, Monroe county had a worrisome rate of 632 cases per 100, 000 population.

Hispanics recorded a rate of 960 cases per 100,000 population in 2015. The whites had a rate of 222 per 100,000 population in the same year.

Gonorrhea is the second most common STD within the city and county. According to a 2015 report, the rate of Gonorrhea infection was 238 cases per 100,000 population within the county. This rate was 55% higher than the rate of Gonorrhea in 2014. This means that within a period of one year, the county recorded a staggering 55% increase in Gonorrhea infections. The most cases of Gonorrhea were reported among men who have sex with other men. According to age, most of the infections were from the sexually active age between 15-29 years who accounted for more than 70% of the total infections.

The third most common STD within Irondequoit is syphilis. In 2014, the county of Monroe recorded a 42% increment in the cases of Syphilis infection. Between the two sexes, males were the most hit by syphilis accounting to 94% of the total reported cases. Men who have sex with other men recorded the highest number of infections with a staggering 67% of the total males infections. Generally the county had a rate of 7.5 cases per 100,000 population. Below is graph showing an overtime increase in Syphilis in Monroe county.

The rates for the three most prevalent STDs within the city and Monroe county are:

  • Chlamydia 632
  • Gonorrhea 238
  • Syphilis 7.5

Graph of syphilis rates in irondequoit new york from 2015

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Irondequoit, NY

With the escalating rates of STD infection within the city of Irondequoit, the health community has deployed means of offering sex education to the locals and mostly to the youth who are sexually active in an attempt to slow the rate of infection. Through all health facilities within the city including Urgent cares, Parenthood centers, public and private health facilities all are focused on reducing the rates of STD infection by offering medically accurate and age appropriate sex education.

The abstinence only policy was introduced within the city in early 1990s. This was following an increased HIV/AIDS outbreak within the city. For the safety of the locals, the abstinence only policy which stands for abstaining from sex till marriage was the only sure means to protect themselves from infection. This policy does not allow for discussion of any sex related aspects. It teaches the youth that, for them to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies, the only way is to abstain.

Comprehensive sexual education also known as abstinence plus. Following the shortcomings of the abstinence only policy, the health community are working on introducing the comprehensive sexual education policy in middle and high schools within the city. Though the policy is being used in some of the schools within the city, it has not been fully implemented and accepted in all parts of the city. This type of policy calls for:

  • Teaching on condom use
  • Contraception methods
  • Aspects of abusive and healthy relationships
  • Sex adventure refusal ways

With the above and other aspects such as teaching the teens on their body physical and emotional changes, the system is seen as the long term solution to the growing rate of STD infection within Irondequoit city. Providing the youth with the right sexual information helps them make informed sex decisions and hence reduce the vulnerability of STD infection.

Youth programs that address peer influence. Establishment of youth associations aimed at teaching the youth about STDs, peer influence, and how to prepare themselves for adulthood. Within the city of Irondequoit, there are organized youth organizations like Youth 4 Change, it advocates for better youth health policies. Some of the policies that these bodies or organizations fight for are increased access of condoms and increased response in handling STD testing.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Irondequoit, NY

Demographics has greatly impacted the rates of STD infection in Irondequoit city. With the population of the city exceeding 51,000 in 2010 and estimated to be over the 54,000 mark in the next United States census, its features and distribution greatly influences the growth of STDs.

The city’s poverty rate of 8.5% has greatly impacted the rate of STD infection. With such a staggering population living under economically stringent conditions, they are unable to cater for regular health checkups. This creates a gap in the fight against STDs and hence leaves many locals vulnerable to STD infection. Also with the city having a high end class of residents, seeking  health services across the city health centers is expensive and this locks out a part of the population in the cold, where they cannot afford for their health services.

The growing unemployment rate which according to 2015 research was at 5% higher than the State’s unemployment rate. With most of the jobless people being the sexually active who have just left college, despair coupled with idleness leads them into drugs. Drugs breads negligence and ignorance mostly in sexual matters. Many youths risk their lives by having unprotected sex when high or some of them are unable to fund for their drugs and exchange sexual favours for drugs. This increases the chances of infection within the city.

Stalled implementation of abstinence plus system. With the existence of different religions within the city, there exists difference of opinions in terms of comprehensive sexual education. Some of the religions oppose the introduction of comprehensive sexual education claiming that it teaches young people about adulthood matters that they cannot handle at their age. This has made the adoption of comprehensive sexual education stall. With many students and a big portion of the population not receiving the right sexual education, this creates a big vulnerability for STD infection.

Increased social crime cases is another factor that has greatly influenced the increase of STD infection within the city. Increase in reported cases of rapes is another major contributor to the increase of STDs within the city. The city had a rate of 7 per 100,000 population cases of rapes in 2015. The perpetrators of rapes don’t use protection and this heightens the chances of STD infection across the city. Though the above factors greatly influence increase of STD infection, outreach programs are gradually helping in sensitizing the locals on better sexual attributes and means of protection from STDs.

STI Testing Resources in Irondequoit, NY

The rate of STD infection within Irondequoit has been increasing over the last five years.The health community in the city has embarked on a mission to ease the access of STD testing, treatment and management services to the locals. With a goal of reducing the rates of infection within the city, the health department is working closely with the urgent cares, planned parenthood centers, public and private health facilities to help in assisting the locals.

Rochester General Hospital is one of the most equipped and first class public health center within the city. It offers free HIV/AIDS testing and management services while it tests all other STDS at a subsidized cost. The health facility boasts having specialized experts in all STDs. It also has a reputation of offering medically accurate and time conscious results. The facility offers appointment basis services along with walk in basis services that are private and confidential. Highland Hospital is another public health facility in Irondequoit. It offers free HIV/AIDs testing services and a reduced cost for testing all the other STDs. STD testing is done by specialized experts with a reputation of handling their work confidentially. Their services are time conscious and handle their patients courteously.

RIdgeview Internal Medicine is one of the private health facilities within the city. It has several branches across the city. It offers appointment only services to avoid congestion and time wastage. Their STD testing services are medically accurate and confidential with an option for referral on client’s request. They also offer family therapies according to client’s wish. Marc S. Lavender, M.D is another private health facility within the city and with several branches across the city. It offers personalized, private and confidential STD therapies. It also offers family therapies depending on client’s wish. The facility offers appointment basis services that are time conscious and can send your results via email to avoid commuting disturbances.

Rochester Urgent care is one of the urgent care centers within the city. With various branches across the city, this facility offers walk in basis services that are private and confidential. The facility has qualified specialists who are highly trained on handling emergency situations. Their costs are affordable to the locals. They offer medically accurate diagnosis which is time conscious. They also offer referral services upon client’s request. Urgent Care by Lifetime Health is another urgent care center within the city that has several branches. The facility offers walk in basis services. Their services are delivered by specialists in all STDs and offer accurate diagnosis which is private and confidential.

Rochester University Parenthood Center is  another health facility within the city. It offers both STD testing and contraception information. Equipped with therapists in different areas of specialization, they offer quality services to their clients. They offer both individual and family STD therapies according to client’s wish. They have a reputation of keeping their clients happy by fulfilling their health needs appropriately. Greece Health Parenthood Center is another parenthood center within the city that offers time bound, private and confidential STD testing and treatment services. Their services are appointment basis and can email your results to avoid time wastage and congestion in their facility. Together with STD testing they also offer contraception information and dispense condoms to the locals.

Better Sexual Health in Irondequoit, NY

The city of Irondequoit was established in 1839 and has since grown to the current economic hub in Monroe County. The city boasts one of the best residential places to live in in the United States. The growing of the population over time and the change in human interaction has greatly influenced growth of STDs within the city. With factors such as the racial make up, religion and poverty facilitating the increase of STDs within the city, the health community has organized outreach programs which have seen gradual change in STDs in the city.

Thorough provision of abstinence only within the city has also greatly contributed to the reduction of STDs and mostly HIV/AIDS in the city. The long term solution to the STD infection rates within the city has been considered to be the introduction of comprehensive sexual education in middle and high school’s curriculums. Improving the state of health facilities within the city has also been considered to ease the pressure on STDs.

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