What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Ogden,NY?

Since 2010, STD occurrences in Monroe County have increased in number and rates, creating a health concern. Since many people haven’t sought testing services, the numbers are expected to increase.

According to an STD Analysis Report by the New York State Department of Health, Monroe County recorded 409 new cases of gonorrhea in 2017, up from 262 cases in 2015. The prevalence of 215.4. The infection proportionately affected both males and females. There were 202 and 207 cases respectively.

Further, the report indicated that the county recorded 18 cases of syphilis in 2017, a 50% increase from 2015.

HIV stigmatization has barred many people from knowing their status. It is why the Stop HIV Stigma campaign was initiated. The program has been a pillar of strength for PLWHA, and their friends and families. It provides them a platform where they can air their voices to ensure the society positively accepts HIV+ persons.

There are several medical centers within and near Ogden, where you may receive STD testing services. The ConnextCare Pulaski Health Center may provide confidential HIV testing, STD screening, and immunization for Hep A and B.

Alternatively, you can visit the Oswego County Opportunities Incorporated. The clinic may render STD/HIV care on a walk-in basis.

Furthermore, you can go to other nearby health centers might offer low-cost or free STD testing and screening services within Ogden. Some challenges you might encounter include the clinics might support only a single payment method, and the services might be offered at inconvenient hours. Additionally, some tests may require additional cash or the results may delay for several weeks.