What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Lackawanna,NY?

The New York State HIV/AIDS Annual Surveillance Report recorded 47 new HIV infections in 2018 for Erie County, where Lackawanna lies. The figure was relatively low in comparison to the 91 cases reported in 2017.

Chlamydia, with the highest number of infections amongst other STDs, recorded 5,449 cases at a prevalence rate of 611.4 in 2018. That was a significant decrease from 2017 that had 5,571 reported cases at a prevalence rate of 619.6.

In 2018, reported Gonorrhea cases were 2,249 at a prevalence rate of 252.2, a slightly higher figure than 2017’s whose count was 2,039 cases at a prevalence rate of 229.1.

Statistics for early Syphilis in 2018 were 91 cases at a prevalence rate of10.6 and 83 cases at a prevalence rate of 9.3 in 2017. 

Primary and secondary syphilis cases were 55 at a prevalence rate of 6.2 in 2017. There was a slightly lower figure in 2018 that recorded 49 cases at a prevalence rate of 5.8.

The Disease Intervention Specialists program in Erie County aims at educating persons infected with STDs, individuals at risk, and the community at large on prevention methods. The health department also encourages residents to get tested and offers low-cost to free STD testing services via the Sexual Health Clinic.

Erie County Sexual Health Clinic and Planned Parenthood – Buffalo Medical Health Center are some of the medical centers that offer STD screening. Other options include Evergreen Health and Community Health Center of Buffalo, Inc.

You can access free STD testing services in some facilities, but you might experience long wait times or inconvenient working hours.