What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Winter Gardens,CA?

Winter Gardens, CA, an area in San Diego County, is fighting an STD outbreak that’s devastating the community. 

Primary and secondary syphilis diagnoses are on the rise with 354 in 2013, and 584 in 2017. Early latent syphilis infections went from 242 in 2013, to 549 in 2017. The county also had an increase in congenital syphilis, with three infants born with the condition in 2013, and 11 in 2017. 

Gonorrhea diagnoses are another concern. In 2013, they reported 2,871 new infections, and in 2017, it had nearly 6,000, with 5,591 cases. 

Chlamydia infections are skyrocketing in the county with 16,114 in 2013 jumping to almost 21,000 new diagnoses in 2017.

Public health officials are concerned about the increasing number of new infections in Winter Gardens and the surrounding areas. They’re urging sexually active persons to get regular STD testings and help reduce the spread of these preventable diseases. 

Winter Gardens is near dozens of locations that offer comprehensive STD testing, treatment, follow-up, and preventive care.

Neighborhood Healthcare operates the Lakeside Healthcare Center on Vine St and the El Cajon Healthcare Center on E Madison Ave. Both sites are nearby local bus routes.

Another option is the Sycuan Medical Dental Center on Sycuan Rd in El Cajon.

Some locations may provide free STD testing. These sites might ask for proof of income, and all services may not be free, such as treatment, counseling, and follow-up care. Additionally, patients may have extended wait times to be seen by a physician.