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STD Statistics In Riverside County, CA



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Riverside County, CA. Data is normalized to accurately report Riverside County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Perris, CA

With the population of the city increasing with time and the economic status of the city improving steadily, the city has attracted many people around the globe. As a result, human interaction has been heightened which has in turn increased the rate of STD infection. The population of the city has almost doubled within the last decade.

Sexually transmitted diseases have been alarming in the US over the last decade. With the rates scaling with time, every citizen has been on alert to resist and prevent the spread of STDs. There are three most common STDs within the nation and Riverside County as well as Perris city in California. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis are the most prevalent STDs in the city, with HIV/AIDs following closer in terms of rate of infection.

Chlamydia is the most prevalent STD in Perris city. It has been actively infectious within the county over the last five years. Most of the infected population are females and mostly the African Americans and Latino Hispanics. Females account for more than 70% of the total infections within the city. The prime age between 14-29 years are the hardest hit by Chlamydia. Most of the male infections are the men who have sex with other men. According to a 2016 health research, the rate of chlamydia infections within the county was 363.7 per 100,000 population.

Gonorrhea is the second most prevalent STD in Perris city in Riverside County. Being a part of California one of the States with the highest STD rates, the city has overseen rapid STD infection increase within the last five years. Though not as actively infectious than Chlamydia, Gonorrhea has been a nuisance to the locals for a long time since the first diagnosis of the disease. Males have had a slightly higher number of Gonorrhea infections than females. The disease does not racially discriminate who to infect nor does it discriminate in terms of age.  

Perris city has overseen a consecutive annual increment of Gonorrhea infection for the last five years. The rate of infection within the Riverside County according to a 2016 health report per 100,000 population was 109.3. Most of the infected are the Blacks and the Latino Hispanics. The population between the age of 14-29 years are the most infected.

Syphilis is the third most prevalent STD in Perris city. The disease had been combated in the early 1990’s but has resurfaced strongly in the 21st century. Congenital syphilis has also resurfaced with more than 6 cases being reported in RIverside County in 2016. Most of the people who are infected by Syphilis also have HIV/AIDs. Males are the most infected by syphilis with men who have sex with other men topping the list of infection. The rate of infection per 100,000 population according to 2016 health report was 11.8.

The three STDs rate of infection per 100,000 population in 2016 was:

  • Chlamydia: 363.7
  • Gonorrhea: 109.3
  • Syphilis: 11.8

Graph of std rates in perris california from 2016

STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Perris, CA

The health community has been working tirelessly in attempt to address the issue of escalating rates of STD infection. With the three STDs Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis agonizing the locals, the health community has derived policies to help combat the situation. One of the main policy is sexual education to all the locals within the city.

For over a decade the State of California introduced abstinence only form of sex education in middle and high schools. This system called for abstinence till marriage. Students were taught to completely abstain from sex. With the current changes throughout the world like the increased use of social media and with the transformation of sex into different forms, people prefered some forms of sex like oral with the notion that it’s not penetrative. This has greatly contributed to the current increment of STDs thereby rendering the abstinence only system completely ineffective.

With the system of abstinence only failing, the health community has been considering the adoption of abstinence plus system. Also known as comprehensive sexual education, the california state has in 2017 implemented laws that have allowed sex education to be taught from seventh grade.  Through the comprehensive sexual education and HIV/AIDs prevention act students will be taught about:

  • Contraception methods
  • Unwanted pregnancies and abortion
  • Condom usage and other prevention measures
  • Relationships
  • Physical and emotional body developments.

There are several regulations governing the deliverance of comprehensive sexual education including parents involvement, which calls for parents to access the material to be taught and if they feel their kids are below the content level, they can sign an opt out forms that will exclude their kids from these classes. Also, these education should be offered in classes separated by gender ties, females are to be taught separate from males. The information should be medically and factually accurate. Abstinence plus equips the youth with the right sex knowledge that enables them to make sound sex decisions.

Outreach programs attempting to sensitize the youth and the locals on STD prevention measures and unintended pregnancies. Most of women and youth organizations are fighting tirelessly for the adoption of comprehensive sexual education while creating platforms for reducing STD infection within the city.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Perris, CA

Demographics have greatly impacted the spread of STDs within Perris city. With the city’s population doubling in ten years, the population distribution and properties has varied impacts on STD infection rates.

Unemployment is one of the major factors that have contributed to the increase in STDs in the city. Most of the unemployed are the youth, which further explains why they are the majority in infection rates. Idling after college results in despair. This further leads to life frustrations and most youth found themselves at risk of STD infections when seeking for consolation in sex. Others may turn to an avenue that may earn them any form of income without assessing the risks involved. The rate of unemployment within the city is currently above 9% of the city’s population. This is a very high number considering the city’s population of more than 68,000.

Poverty is another necessitating factor in the increase in STD infection. More than 23.7% of the total population live under poverty. Most of these people cannot cater for their regular health check ups. With such a population being unable to finance their basic and health needs poses a great danger to the society. That leaves many people vulnerable to STD infection. Also due to poverty, many people and mostly the youth may turn to unsafe ways of subsidizing their incomes. This may involve social crimes and hence increase the chances of STD infection.

Increased incidents of social crimes is another contributing factor to the increase in STD infection within the city. According to a health research, in 2016 there were over 15 cases of rapes within the city. This increases the chances of STD infection as most perpetrators don’t use protection. This has caused a scare within the city and is believed to be increasing the chances of STD infection.

The city racial makeup is another factor that greatly facilitates the increase of STDs. there are more than six races within the city; these races have different beliefs and practices. Some of these practices create a conducive platform for STD infection. Also, when these races interact, there develops new practices and norms, some of these norms undermine the fight against the spread of STDs within the city. Though, all the above factors necessitate the increase in STD infection within the city, outreach programs and exhibitions have fought tooth and nail to combat STD infection.

STI Testing Resources in Perris, CA

The city of Perris has witnessed a mass increase in STD infection over the last decade. With the population of the city increasing too and with the change in technology and social media, the rate of STD infection has shown no signs of slowing down in the city. The health community jointly with the federal government have worked on policies to help reduce the rates of STD infection within the city. One of the vital policies is improving the standards of the existing and establishing new health centers in the region.

Public and private hospitals within the city have been rehabilitated as well as urgent care centers and planned parenthood centers. There are several public and private health facilities within the city.

One of the major health centers within the city of Perris is Riverside Community Hospital. It offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential. The facility offers specialized STD services that are medically accurate. The health center offers free STD testing services. Equipped with experts in different STDs and facilities in all departments, the health center has a reputation of offering quality services. They accept all forms of insurance covers. Menifee  Valley Medical Center is another public health center within the city. It offers appointment basis services that are private and confidential. They also offer family and individual therapies depending on client’s wishes. With many years of service and accredited reputation for treating all STDs, the facility is one of the finest institutions within the county.

Premium Care Clinic is one of the many private health facilities within the city. It offers private and confidential services to their clients. They have a smart staff, equipped with experts in all STDs. They ensure that they offer you the best ever services. They offer appointment services regardless of race, religion or place of origin. They accept all forms of payment and insurance covers. Kindred Hospital Riverside is another private hospital within the city. It offers high quality services that are private and confidential. Their services are appointment based to avoid wasting client’s time. They can send your diagnosis report via email to cut down transport costs to the hospital. They are sensitive to client’s time and respect and care for them.

Cleneva Urgent care center is one of the urgent cares with many branches across the city. It offers STD emergency responses to all residents regardless of race and place of origin. Their staff is adapted to serving many clients within a short duration of time so they won’t waste much of your time. They offer walk in basis services on a first come first served basis. With many people being busy on their daily chores they find little time to spare for check up, Cleneva is your best destination. Rapid Care enterprise urgent care center is another urgent care within Perris city. It offers walk in basis services that are private and confidential. Having been in existence for more than five years, they have build trust and a good clinical reputation among its clients.

Riverside Life services parenthood center is one of the top parenthood centers within Perris city. It offers both STD testing and treatment and contraception methods. Equipped with experts in different specialities, the facility boasts delivery of improved services. It is an appointment basis facility that offers private and confidential services. They also offer family and individual STD therapies on client’s request. Moreno Valley Planned Parenthood center is another health facility that handles STD testing and treatment.ALong with offering STD services they also do counselling and offer contraception knowledge.

Better Sexual Health in Perris, CA

The city of Perris has a population of over 56,000 according to the latest US census. The city has witnessed a rapid increase in STD infection over the last five years. The health community has initiated comprehensive sexual education in attempt to counter the spread of STD infection within Perris City. Comprehensive sexual education has helped equip particularly the youth with vital knowledge to combat sexual advances and be able to make informed sex decisions.

The health sector has also adopted the initiative of improving health centers and facilities within the city. Many hospitals have been established throughout the city that has enabled comprehensive testing. Factors like poverty, unemployment and drugs have been they key contributing factors to the increase of STD infection. Policies for combating these loopholes are gradually being addressed through outreach programs and exhibitions throughout the city. The wellness of a nation is not measured by gross domestic product but by the healthiness of its people.

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