What are the STI test options in San Jacinto,CA?

The number of persons living with HIV/AIDS in San Jacinto, CA continues to grow rampantly over time. In 2017, the reported cases of people living with HIV/AID in Riverside County stood at 9000 people. Besides that, more than an average of 250 people are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Riverside County every year.

The same can be said of sexually transmitted diseases where Chlamydia is the most common one with a total of 20778 and a rate of 468 per 100000 people across Riverside County. Gonorrhea has a total number of 4904 cases and a rate of 110 per 100000 people.

Additionally, primary and secondary syphilis have an estimated total of 341 cases and a rate of 8 per 100000 residents. 

California Department of public health, through the STD control branch, remains committed to reducing, if not eliminating the transmission of these diseases. The branch has seen continuous collaboration with local health facilities and stakeholders in the private and public sectors. However, the efforts do not seem effective against the constant growth in STD numbers. 

There are numerous platforms with which anyone can access STD testing centers and facilities.

Private and public clinics that provide low-cost STD testing are all over San Jacinto in areas such as Neighborhood healthcare (Devonshire Avenue office) along Devonshire Avenue and Riverside County Family Care Centers (Hemet Family Care Center) on State Street.

You can also take advantage of free STD testing opportunities in local events, especially during STD awareness periods. You might, however, have to endure long queues and waiting times to acquire the free services.