What are the STI test options in Stratford,CT?

Stratford city has experienced a spike in sexually transmitted diseases over the past few years. From 2013 to 2017, an increase of 37% was recorded. Syphilis cases doubled from 56 to 110 cases in 2017. Moreover, Chlamydia increased by 22% over 5 years.

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Fairfield County was estimated to be 806 in 2017, where 65.7% of them were males and 34.3% were females. Also, the rate of black males living with HIV/AIDS was estimated to be 6.2 times that of whites whereas the cases of black females were 13.4 times that of white females.

47.9% of the instances were transmitted through homosexuality while 30.9% were transmitted through injection drug use. Stratford has largely contributed to these numbers. 

The Health Department of Connecticut has been consistently providing essential medical and supportive services to people living with HIV/AIDS and STD through several programs as a move to prevent further spreading. 

One of these programs includes the AIDS drugs assistance where they provide FDA certified treatment for cases associated with HIV. Another program is the Children, Youth and Family Aids Network of Connecticut (CYFAN) that provides care services, mental health services, and support groups for infected persons.

Moreover, there are several STD testing clinics in Stratford that offer STD testing services for these infections such as Stratford Community Health Centre situated in Honeyspot Rd and Bridgeport Health Department on Broad Street Stratford.

Some of the other local clinics offer free STD testing services but only for those who meet some pre-specified criteria. 

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