What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Monroe,CT?

Monroe town is located in Fairfield County. According to the CDC statistics, the County has experienced a significant increase in HIV and STD transmissions. In 2015 the HIV prevalence rate was 8.2, which escalated to 10.1 by 2016 out of 100,000 population.

Chlamydia which is the most common infection in Fairfield County was on the rise as well. In a population of 100,000, there were 3,121 cases in 2016 which climbed to 3,811 by 2017.

Gonorrhea infection was not a different case. The number of people who were infected in 2016 was 603, and by 2017 the number went up to 670 cases out of 100,000 people.

Syphilis infection experienced a huge increment also. In 2016 there were 65 cases while by 2017 the number of cases went up to 81 out of 100,000 people.

“There are a major high-risk group of people who practice high-risk behaviors and represent the majority of STD infection cases.” Toby Jenkins

There are numerous clinics in Monroe town where you can get tested to know your status. Some of the clinics may offer free STD testing, but everyone will know why you are there while other clinics might not have a doctor’s consultation or may not provide you with a prescription.

You can visit Planned Parenthood of Southern New England Incorporated Danbury Center located 44 Main St Danbury, CT 6810. You can also visit Connecticut Institute for Communities Incorporated Greater Danbury Community Health Center-South located at 70 Main St Danbury, CT 6810.