What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Evans,NY?

Erie County that hosts the town of Evans has experienced upward and downward surges in the number of STD counts over the past years. The number of new HIV diagnoses reduced from 91 in 2017 to 47 in 2018.

Gonorrhea’s new infections were 2,039, with a prevalence rate of 229.1 in 2017, and they increased to 2,249 cases at a rate of 252.2 per 100,000 individuals in 2018.

Although recording the highest count of STD infections in the county, chlamydia incidents had a downward spiral from 5,571 positive diagnoses at an occurrence rate of 619.6 in 2017 to 5,449 new infections at a prevalence rate of 611.4 in 2018.

Primary and Secondary Syphilis incidents recorded 55 positive diagnoses at a prevalence rate of 6.2 in 2017, and the count decreased to 49 infections at a rate of 5.8 per 100,000 people in 2018. 

Early syphilis reported 83 cases of new infections in the county in 2017. The numbers later rose by eight to 91 in 2018.

Erie County Department of Health implements prevention strategies to keep the number of new STD infections low. Through the Free Condom Program, residents get a form of protection against the contraction of STDs. 

The HIV Partner Service Program notifies partners of individuals who test positive, providing screening and treatment services. 

The STD program delivers services such as testing, treatment, and counseling, as well as sexual health education.

Evergreen Health and Pride Center of Western New York are some facilities that provide STD screening and treatment services to locals.

Although you may receive free STD testing at some of these facilities, you might face setbacks such as inconvenient opening hours and lack of prescription medication after testing positive.