What are the STI test options in Towson,MD?

The Baltimore County Department of Health reported a notable reduction in the number of HIV infections over the last ten years. In 2008, there were 794 HIV infections, which reduced to 231 in the year 2017. 64.6 percent of the infections were male whereas 33.9 percent occurred among adults aged 50 to 59 years old.

Chlamydia infections have been a bit rampant in Baltimore County. In 2008, there were 2,452 Chlamydia infections reported at a rate of 311.5, and in 2017 the number had increased to 4,480 cases at a rate of 538.2.

Gonorrhea infections have also been on the rise. For example, the year 2008 recorded 553 Gonorrhoea infections at a rate of 70.3 whereas there were 1,549 infections at a rate of 186.1 per 100,000 persons in 2017.

During that same year, a total number of 210 Syphilis infections were reported at a rate of 34.3 per 100,000. The infections were highest in young people aged 25 to 29 years.

To reduce the rate of HIV/STD infections, the Towson County Department of Health is providing HIV/STD services in facilities that can assist with linkage to housing, transportation services, and nutrition. Besides that, it is also advocating for health insurance for undocumented immigrants who are not covered under the ACA.

There are a number of medical centers in Towson town where residents can access STD/HIV services.  

Some of the medical centers are Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Sinai Hospital Health Center, St. Joseph Medical Center Emergency Room, and Planned Parenthood – Towson Health Center.

At times, free STD/HIV testing might not be available in some of the facilities, but if they are, doctor consultation might be at an extra charge and prescriptions for after test care might not be available if you’re tested positive.

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