What are the STI test options in Middle River,MD?

Middle River is one of the STD hotbeds in Baltimore County. Gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and chlamydia are the most reported cases in the county, and the numbers are worrisome.

According to a 2017 health surveillance report by the Baltimore City Department of Health, chlamydia rates reached their highest in 2017 after 4,480 incidences were recorded. The rate was 538.2 per 100,000 populations. In 2016, the chlamydia rate was 503.9.

Furthermore, the county recorded a triple-fold increase in the number of gonorrhea incidences since 2008. In same year, 553 cases were reported, as compared to 1,549 new diagnoses in 2017.  Syphilis incidences in 2017 were 210, with a rate of 34.3.

The Baltimore City Health Department of Health runs the STD/HIV Prevention Program that aims to organize activities and other prevention efforts to combat the spread of STIs. The department operates through financial support from the Ryan White Part A program, which focuses on providing primary HIV care services to the infected population.

If you’d like to get tested, you can go to several clinics near Middle River. For instance, you can visit the Planned Parenthood of Maryland Incorporated Towson Health Center at 1714 Joan Ave. The clinic may provide STD testing, screening, and treatment services. You may also get vaccinated against HPV.

Alternatively, you can visit the Baltimore County Department of Health Eastern Family Resource Center found at 9100 Franklin Square Dr. You might get testing services for STDs and specialty HIV services, PrEP, Hep C testing, and STD prevention services.

You may also consider visiting other nearby medical facilities which may offer free STD testing in Middle River. However, the results might not be immediate and walk-in options may also not be an option.

Which one is right for you?