What are the STI test options in Bridgeport,CT?

Connecticut has some of the lowest STD rates in the country. Bridgeport and the other large cities have relatively high rates, though. In 2017, 26 people were diagnosed with HIV. About half of the cases resulted from heterosexual contact. Health experts are concerned about the rising STI rates and blame the rise of casual hook-ups, as well as people who don’t understand the risks of having sex without protection.

Also in 2017, there were 1,264 people living with HIV or AIDS in Bridgeport.

In 2016, Bridgeport had 1,254 chlamydia cases, 314 gonorrhea cases, and 16 syphilis cases. Some health officials say the rising rates reflect the fact that more people are being tested, which is a good thing. They recommend that every sexually active individual be tested regularly, as most STIs are easily treated if caught early.

There are some STD-testing clinics in Bridgeport. At least one free clinic is available that provides free STD testing to those who qualify. Planned Parenthood is located on Main St. They test for STIs and treat all of them except HIV, and the fee is on a sliding scale. The Bridgeport Communicable Disease Clinic, also on Main St, performs STD screening.

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