What are the Free or Low Cost STI test options in Live Oak,CA?

Live Oak is an incorporated city in Sutter County, and the county has displayed variating STD statistics over the past years. This may have been triggered by factors such as the ever-changing sexual behavior patterns amongst the residents.

The prevalence rate of HIV positive diagnoses recorded from people aged 13 years and above in 2019 was 92.3 per 100000 population. 

Chlamydia infections reduced from 356 cases in 2017 at a prevalence rate of 364.0 per 100000 population to 352 incidents at an occurrence rate of 356.5 per 100000 persons. Gonorrhea’s positive diagnoses slightly decreased from 139 incidents at a prevalence rate of 141.3 to 135 cases in 20118, occurring at a rate of 136.7 per 100000 population.

Primary and Secondary Syphilis recorded a surge from 6 infections at a prevalence rate of 6.1 per 100000 people in 2017 to 13 positive diagnoses in 2018, prevailing at 13.2 per 100000 persons.

Sutter County Public Health works to keep the STD occurrence rates as low as possible through its health initiatives and programs, including the nursing programs which provide testing, treatment, and follow-up services for STDs.
The sexual health education programs advocate for STD awareness among Live Oak City residents and the surrounding areas. Additionally, the Homeless  Services unit navigates for housing opportunities for low-income individuals with STDs.    

Live Oak Clinic, A Woman’s Friend Pregnancy Resource Clinic and Planned Parenthood – Yuba City Health Center are some of the STD testing facilities you may find in the Live Oak area.

Some of the disadvantages people may face while receiving free STD services at clinics include having to book an appointment and long wait times.