What are the STI test options in North Highlands,CA?

New incidences of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Sacramento County have shot immensely, considering that the infections were barely a health menace in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, while STD rates continue to surge, the funds for low-cost medical assistance continue to plummet.

According to a medical report by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), STD rates had risen by 136%. In 2017, Sacramento County recorded 286 cases of P&S syphilis, as compared to the 224 incidences filed in 2015.

The health survey also highlighted gonorrhea to have a morbidity rate of 220.1 incidences per 100,000 population. Chlamydia was the most prevalent STI with a rate of 645.2.

The Sacramento County Division of Public Health devised the HIV/STD Prevention Program with several goals: Prevent STD spread through education; risk assessment counseling, screening, and STD training programs.

In North Highlands, you may find STD care services in several clinics scattered in the town. Examples include the One Community Health Clinic set on 21st Street, the Sacramento County Health clinic located along Bradshaw Road, and the Sacramento LGBTQ Community Center on L Street.

Also, you can visit the Planned Parenthood Health Center nestled on Watt Ave. The clinic specializes in a variety of care services, including STD screening, diagnoses, and treatment. The clinic may also provide women’s health, abortion referrals, and morning-after pills. Another nearby PP clinic can be found on Franklin Blvd.

Other health facilities in North Highlands may provide free STD testing. However, you may incur further costs to consult a doctor not to mention the lack of confidentiality and overcrowding. Also, the results may take too long to be processed. Some free STD testing centers may lack emotional support or counseling services.