What are the STI test options in Lincoln,CA?

The US is experiencing an STD epidemic, and California is one of the most affected states. The city of Lincoln is located in Placer County. Placer County’s  ‘Health Status Profile’ reported an average of 225.7 HIV cases per year from 2014-2016. Of those cases, the average crude case rate (death rate) per year was 72.1. 

In 2013, Placer County had 15 reported cases of syphilis. That number increased to 22 cases in 2017, which is a 47% increase in five years. Across all California counties, Placer County ranked 48 out of 56 for syphilis rates. 

From 2013 to 2017, Placer County saw a 188% increase in gonorrhea cases, rising from 108 to 311. This places the county as 44 out of all 56 California counties for gonorrhea rates. 

And lastly, Placer County went from 811 cases of chlamydia in 2013 to 1,026 in 2017. This is a 27% increase and placed Placer County at 49 out of 56 California counties for chlamydia cases. 

Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, calls the rising STD rates in California shameful and an indication of a failing education system. He said, “We’ve known how to control syphilis since the 1990s. Seeing it come back like this is a sign of failure of the public health safety net.”

The best solution for handling the STD epidemic is regular testing for all individuals. There are several private medical firms in the Lincoln area that offer STD testing. For those who cannot afford to pay for testing, there is a nearby Planned Parenthood slightly outside of Lincoln in Roseville, California which may have affordable options. Note that some public clinics in Lincoln, California may offer free std testing but this can be restricted to only certain types of STD tests, or have income requirements to qualify for free testing.