What are the STI test options in Antelope,CA?

According to the California Department of health, rates of sexually transmitted diseases continue to rise all across California. Although only county-level data is available, STD rates in Antelope mirror those in the remainder of the county.

Over the past five years, syphilis cases rose by 38 percent, gonorrhea rose by 24 percent and chlamydia rose slightly higher than gonorrhea. When detected and treated early, all three of these diseases can be cured.

Antelope is known for its gorgeous scenery, caves, and night life, but you can only enjoy it if you have peace of mind.

Many people in Antelope, CA do not get tested because they do not realize that STDs are treatable.  They feel it is a death sentence, so they just don’t want to know.

Ignoring a potential STD is dangerous and there are many private clinics and free public resources available to provide testing free or for a low cost. The recent spike in cases has led Sacramento County to target community colleges by offering free screenings and treatment in many locations.

While these programs help to reduce STDs in a vulnerable population, this still leaves a significant portion of the population without testing resources. Many of the low-cost and free resources available are located in the more populated areas.

There are testing centers available in Red Bluff, Palmdale, and several located in and around Sacramento. The county operates several free clinics, but they may not have physician consultation available.

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