What are the STI test options in Glenview,IL?

Glenview, IL is a beautiful village just outside of the northwest corner of the Chicago loop. Glenview is a suburban neighborhood located in Cook County. Between 2007 and 2016, rates for all sexually transmitted diseases have been on the rise in this community.

During this time, Cook County experienced a spike in syphilis cases. Rates nearly tripled, increasing from 65 in 2013 to 189 in 2016. While these rates are lower than those in Chicago and the US overall, they still pose a significant concern for people in Glenview.

According to the Cook County Public Health Department, nearly 70% of all reported chlamydia cases were females between the ages of 15 and 24 years of age.

A number of public clinics around Glenview and northern Chicago may offer free STD testing. However, many of these clinics only offer testing for certain STDs but not all of them. It is possible for you to contract more than one STD from unsafe sexual practices.

The Rogers Park Health Center of Chicago and Planned Parenthood may offer STD testing in Glenview. Access Community Health Network my represent another nearby option.

It is important to find a public clinic that tests for or all possible STDs. In addition, not all free clinics provide follow up care and will simply refer you to a private clinic for treatment. Having physician on staff at a public clinic to help provide for your care and follow up is an important factor.

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STD Statistics In Cook County, IL



STD Cases


STD Rate

per 100,000 people

STD Breakdown

Statistics reported is based on publicly available data sources such as CDC for Cook County, IL. Data is normalized to accurately report Cook County STD Breakdown.

Additional STD Test Statistics in Glenview, IL

As your city is a suburb of Chicago, we should look at STI statistics about the area. In general, adolescents and young adults account for the majority of STI diagnoses in Chicago.

  • For gonorrhea cases people ages 13 to 24 account for about 60 percent of the cases
  • For chlamydia cases people ages 13 to 24 account for about 67 percent of the cases
  • Gonorrhea cases are showing a decline overall
  • Primary and secondary syphilis infections have increased
  • Chlamydia rates are 1012 per 100,000 people at more than twice the national average
  • Gonorrhea rates are 308 per 100,000 people at about three times the national average
  • HIV and AIDs cases that are diagnosed have steadily declined for the last decade

This area reports progress is being made to impact STIs, HIV, and AIDs with a program called Healthy Chicago involving public, community, and private organizations coming together to implement strategies to prevent STIs and HIV. Here are statistics about HIV and AIDs diagnoses in Chicago.

  • HIV and AIDs diagnoses declined by 40 percent
  • HIV positive averages are better than national averages
  • 8 of 10 people with a diagnoses of HIV in 2011 were linked to HIV medical care within three months of the diagnoses
  • 1091 new diagnoses came in 2013 and 41 percent below the peak of 1857 in 2001
  • a 73 percent absolute decline in HIV transmission rates took place between 2009 to 2013 for those who are intravenous drug users.

Black/African Americans and men who have sex with men are disproportionately impacted by HIV, AIDS, and STIs.

Graph of chlamydia rate in glenview illinois from 2014

Low Cost or Free STD Testing Clinics Near

AHF Wellness Center – Chicago Halsted


STD Testing at 3311 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657, USA

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is a worldwide provider of advanced HIV medication, and it aims to reduce the spread of HIV globally through the provision of testing, treatment, and preventive care. Physicians offer comprehensive STD tests, and the waiting time for the results is approximately three to seven days.


The medical team offers free STD testing to everyone regardless of age, gender, financial status, color, or race.


You may receive discreet STD screening and testing, and the testing counselor may link you to a case manager if you test positive for HIV. Also, clients may receive medication prescriptions if they’re positive for other STDs. However, if you test negative, the medical practitioner may offer preventive care such as PrEP and condoms.


Clients may walk-in for STD testing at convenient times since there’s no need for scheduling appointments. If you’re positive, a physician may notify you by phone, but if you test negative, you’ll have to call the clinic to confirm. Additionally, some staff members are proficient in speaking Spanish so you may receive health care in the language.


3311 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657, USA


STD Testing at AHF Wellness Center – Chicago Halsted


Northwestern Medicine - Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic


STD Testing at 676 N St Clair St #940, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

Northwestern Medicine offers cutting-edge medical services to the residents of the greater Chicago area and Northern Illinois. It has an STD Clinic staffed with infectious disease specialists who offer STD consultations, testing, and treatment. Physicians also offer a full range of medical services, from the treatment of headaches, fractures, and back pain to cancer care and gynecologic services.


The medical team may offer free to low-cost health-care services to indigent persons, and it does this through Financial Assistance Programs. Also, some insurance health plan holders may qualify to pay for STD services using their insurance covers. 


Treatment for STDs starts with discrete testing and diagnosis. Later, the STD specialist may offer medication prescriptions accordingly.


The health center has access to parking spaces that are availed at discounted rates to clients. Additionally, anyone in need of STD services may visit the facility on a walk-in basis. Moreover, you may conveniently pay your bills online once you’ve received treatment. There’s also an HIV/AIDS program that has a medical team skilled in providing comprehensive care to PLWHA.


676 N St Clair St #940, Chicago, IL 60611, USA


STD Testing at Northwestern Medicine - Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic


Affordable or Free HIV Testing Clinics Near

Center on Halsted


STD Testing at 3656 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60613, USA

Center on Halsted is a community health center that is dedicated to improving the health of the LGBTQ persons living in Chicago’s Lakeview region and the surrounding areas in Illinois. The medical practitioners offer rapid HIV testing that may yield results in about 21 minutes. Other programs available include cooking classes, volleyball training, and dance performances. To effectively run and offer additional programs, the organization partners with community groups.


The medical providers offer free testing for HIV and Hepatitis C regardless of sexual orientation, age, gender, race, or color.


The medical team may offer confidential HIV/Hepatitis C tests, and persons who test positive for HIV may receive referrals for medication. Additionally, PrEP and PEP services are availed to negative persons at risk or those who may have been potentially exposed to HIV.


The health center is conveniently open every day, and you’ll always find a well-trained physician on call. Additionally, the medical team prefers to work by appointments, although walk-in clients may receive services depending on free appointment slots. Also, the personnel may communicate in English and Spanish while discharging medical services.


3656 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60613, USA


STD Testing at Center on Halsted


Planned Parenthood STD Test Locations Near

Rogers Park Health Center of Chicago, IL


STD Testing at 5725 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660, USA

Rogers Park Health Center of Chicago, IL, is a satellite clinic of Planned Parenthood; an organization that provides leading-edge reproductive health-care and sexual education. The health center has physicians who are competent in testing and treating STDs. Clinicians may offer rapid HIV tests, and clients may receive the test results in about 20 to 30 minutes.


Anyone may receive STD services in spite of financial or insurance status. Additionally, you may qualify for low-cost STD services facilitated by a state-funded program or a sliding fee scale.


You may receive confidential STD testing, and the medical provider may offer medication prescriptions in case your diagnosis is positive. Additionally, clients may receive HIV specialist referrals for the treatment of HIV. Also, persons whose diagnosis is negative may receive preventive measures such as condoms, vaccines, and dental dams.


The health center has in-person interpreters for Spanish and telephone interpretation services for other languages. To receive STD services, you may schedule an appointment. Also, clients may communicate with a physician online via the Planned Parenthood App.


5725 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660, USA


STD Testing at Rogers Park Health Center of Chicago, IL


City or County Department Sexual Health Clinics Near Glenview,IL

Evanston Health Department


STD Testing at 2100 Ridge Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, USA

Evanston Health Department is a public health facility that serves people living in the city of Evanston and the surrounding areas. The medical team on board aims to promote healthy living among the people it serves through curbing the spread of diseases by offering testing and treatment services. The personnel on staff are well-trained in offering STD screening and treatment as well as managing other communicable diseases and various illnesses.


Despite gender, sexual orientation, age, color, or disability status, you’ll receive free testing for HIV/STDs.


Clinicians offer confidential STD testing, and individuals with a positive diagnosis for bacterial STDs may receive medication prescriptions. Additionally, persons who test HIV positive may receive case management services.


The health department’s STD services are on a walk-in basis. Additionally, the health center has a telephone line service where clients may reach a medical practitioner during after-hours. Also, PLWHA may receive linkage to comprehensive care and support.


2100 Ridge Ave, Evanston, IL 60201, USA


STD Testing at Evanston Health Department


Urgent Care Clinics that May Offer STI Testing Services Near

Midwest Express Clinic


STD Testing at 9735 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077, USA

Midwest Express Clinic is an urgent care medical center with clinics in multiple locations, including Blue Island, Willowbrook, Bourbonnais, River Forest, and Skokie, IL. The medical team on staff offers specialty diagnostic services such as physicals, drug screening, x-rays, and STD testing. Other medical services the medical practitioners are skilled at handling include treatment of injuries, allergies, asthma, rashes, and respiratory ailments.


Most insurance health plan holders may receive billing of their insurances for services received, and self-paying clients may utilize low-cost self-pay rates to receive medical services.



A medical practitioner may screen and test you for STDs. Afterward, you’ll receive a diagnosis and medication prescriptions if you’re positive.



Health-care providers accept walk-ins for STD testing and treatment. Additionally, physicians work promptly to ensure you receive diagnostic and treatment services within an hour or less after visiting the facility. Also, you may easily and securely pay your bills online and eliminate the hustle of carrying paper money.


9735 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077, USA


STD Testing at Midwest Express Clinic


STD Testing and Sexual Health Education in Glenview, IL

The public school system in Chicago recently reviewed and updated its sexual education program. Developed by the Chicago Public Schools Office of Student Health and Wellness, the overhaul and resulting policy were designed among other factors to align the Chicago public school system with the standards in the national HIV/AIDS strategy developed by President Obama.

The new program determines that a set amount of time is spent on sex education in every grade, starting with kindergarten. This is while in most US public schools, sex education starts in the fifth grade.

The goal of the program is to provide students of all ages with accurate and appropriate information so they can make healthy choices. This should help students build a foundation of knowledge concerning relationships and health.

This will carry them through the preteen and adolescent years and beyond. Kindergartners should learn the basics of anatomy, reproduction, personal safety, and healthy relationships.  Here are more details.

  • Kindergarten to third grade sex health education should have a focus on family, feelings, and touching this is appropriate and not appropriate.
  • Fourth grade sex education should begin to learn about puberty and HIV with discussion emphasizing that the virus cannot be transmitted through everyday contact such as shaking hands or sharing food.
  • Fifth grade to the end of high school sex education should emphasize reproduction, transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases, bullying and contraption, and abstinence.

The Chicago sex education instruction should also cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Students should be introduced to terms and definitions associated with sexual identity, including those related to heterosexual and LGBT populations. This is part of an effort to bring awareness, promote tolerance, and prevent bullying.

This statement was made by the Chicago School Board. Parents or guardians of students are allowed to opt their children out of the sexual health education program if they would like.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Demographics in Glenview, IL

Demographics play a role in the number of STIs in your city as well as Chicago and Cook County with higher rates than national averages. There is no one reason that STI rates are so high.

Poverty and drug use can be part of the reason. Poverty can lead to homelessness and this can lead to being forced to have sex to have a place to stay.

Victims do not feel that can discuss an STI status or use of a condom in such a situation. With drug use if you are addicted you may not have the money for your next fix. This means you can feel forced to have sex to get money for drugs.

While the number of STIs are the highest among poor black and gay males, we now see these STI numbers grow in more affluent areas. It is affecting young females who are white. As we see heroin spread we see those who are addicted put themselves into a dangerous situation to get high.

STI Testing Resources in Glenview, IL

STI testing resources are available in your city and surrounding areas. The Rogers Park /Planned Parenthood facility could be a place for you to go for information, and testing is for both males and females. Covered is testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and other STDs. The staff is trained to work with someone in your situation, trying to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

HIV testing is done with a blood sample from a finger stick, and If are are 19 to 26 with no health insurance, you could get help for an HPV vaccine (Gardisil) at no charge. Medicaid is accepted plus you can book your appointment online.

There are several urgent care centers and walk in clinics that also offer STD testing. This testing includes chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and C, herpes, HIV, syphilis and other conditions.

Northwestern Medical Urgent Care/Glenview is one urgent care location in your area. That is an option if you feel embarrassed about going to Rogers Park/Planned Parenthood as is another option with an online service.

PlushCare is an online service available in your area. If you are not sure what tests to request, you can get assistance with such a service, then request the test online. You then get notified of test results plus get information about treatment options from a doctor provided by the service.

If you are not sure how often to get tested you could consider that according to a professor at Chicago’s Northwestern University, the frequency at which individuals should get tested depends on their lifestyle and sexual practices. With one or two sex partners a year, you can get tested once or twice a year according to the professor and with multiple sex partners every month or week, get tested every three to six months.

Maybe you have heard that clinics have had budget cuts due to state budget issues so you should keep in mind that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Wellness Center is located in Chicago and can help you. It offers STI and HIV screening on a walk-in basis. This is to encourage city residents to get tested more often. They test using swabs, urine samples, and blood samples with the average age of clients at 20 to 30 years old.

Better Sexual Health in Glenview, IL

Whether you go to the Rogers Park Center/Planned Parenthood, a high school counsellor or nurse at an area high school, an online service, or a clinic or hospital, you can find in your area information about STDs, testing, and treatment.

While STD rates are high in the Chicago and Cook County areas, help is available in your city in the way of testing and treatment that is confidential, discreet, compassionate, and effective, with many facilities having a bilingual staff.

Consider how the staff at these facilities is trained to help someone like you, especially with the staff at Planned Parenthood/Rogers Park Health Center or any other facility reminding you to check your health, improve it, and keep yourself healthy by always using a condom.