What are the STI test options in Piedmont,DE?

Piedmont in Alameda County, California, has experienced a significant increase in STD rates as well as HIV infections. In 2017 the rate for chlamydia was 556.9 cases out of 100000 people. This number had increased by 57.2 cases the rate recorded in the previous year.

Gonorrhea incidence rate in the same year was 217.6 cases per 100000, while in 2016, the incidence rate was 186.7. Syphilis, which had the least number of infections, was also trending upwards with a difference of 2.6 cases from 2016 to 2017, which had 11.2 cases and 13.28 cases consecutively.

The prevalence rate of people living with HIV infection by the end of the year 2016 was 370.8 per 100000. The leading group was males who had a rate of 4,934 cases. The most affected ethnic group was AfrAmer who had 2,366 cases followed by whites who had 1,878 cases and the Latino 1,144 cases.

“The two groups that are likely to be at the highest risk of contracting syphilis infections are the gay men and HIV, infected individuals.” Julie Stoltey, MD MPH Public Health Medical Officer California Department of Public Health STD Control Branch.

Piedmont has many public and private STD testing clinics. Some public clinics may offer free STD testing though the free tests might not be comprehensive, and a doctor’s consultation might not be available.

To be tested, you can make an appointment at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, an STD testing facility located at the East Bay AIDS Center 1.74 miles from Piedmont. You can also visit the AIDS Healthcare Foundation at Oakland Magic Johnson Healthcare Center, which is 1.78 miles away from piedmont. 

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